Why Does The Sintra Pro Continue To Reinvigorated This Sport?

2017 Sintra Pro Portugal Continues To Provide Base For Women’s Bodyboarding

The Sintra Pro Portugal is the 5th of 8th world tour event for the professional bodyboarders. Sintra, and the European leg of the tour generates a lot of energy and momentum and no more so than when a hometown hero wins an event.

For Joana Schenker, winning this event this week means she’s boosted her placing to a top tier position with the most points awarded – 4000, double that of the next largest event – for the season in one event. Winning Sintra was Schenker’s second world tour win for the year and second podium finish in as many weeks and gives her a clear advantage mentally and on the leaderboard with the remaining three events to come.

The event was held in what began with great 4-6ft offshore conditions at Praia Grande and the week threw down every kind of surf condition possible. Despite the ups and downs, Mother Nature was throwing at the event, the girls made the most of the conditions and their chance to put their sport on the world stage.

Sintra always draws big crowds and when Schenker continued to impress the judges with her form there was a great feeling from everyone on the beach. In the final she came up against former world champ, Canari Islands pro Alex Rinder, but Rinder was unable to catch Schenker’s 15 point total with less than a point difference at the final hooter.

After the win Schenker said, “It’s an incredible feeling to win in Sintra in my home country, Portugal. Also, this is the most important event of the Women’s World Tour this year, so it’s a very good point of advantage, and I’m super happy to have my first win against these amazing athletes,”

The final three events of the year are in Madeira, Nazare and Canary Islands. You can follow the events right here and on the APB website.

Joana Schenker Sintra Pro 2017

Schenker and Ohhara

Joana Schenker Sintra Pro 2017

Joana Schenker on the top of the podium at Sintra 2017

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