It’s Simple… Just Take 3!


Story by Emma-Jane Eeles

Beach Litter.

Coke cans, cigarette butts, bottle top lids, ice-cream containers, beer bottles… you name it, it’s on a lot of our beautiful beaches right around the coastline of every beach in the world.

Population growth and a lack of environmental consideration play major parts in why so many of Australia’s pristine beaches are used as rubbish tips. But there is so much more to the problem than what we see littered on our coastline. Major companies mass producing plastic, not realising (or even caring) about the consequences to our waterways, marine life and coastline. So what can we do as individuals to help combat this environmental degradation and educate on the use of plastics?

Jamie-Lee Brown is one of the founders and an active member of ‘Take 3″ and she wants to share the message and the Take 3 initiative world wide, what it’s all about and what we, as responsible citizens, surfers and humans, can do to make a big difference.

“Take 3 is a not-for-profit organisation devoted to raising awareness of the consequences of marine debris (and in particular plastics) on the world’s oceans & the species who rely on it for survival.” Says Jamie-Lee with a passion she want’s lit in everyone. “Millions of tonnes of plastic waste exist in the ocean and it is our goal to encourage people to refuse plastics, reduce plastic usage, recycle plastic where possible & if you ever see plastic trash on the beach or near a waterway, PLEASE PICK IT UP!

“Our message is simple; Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway -anywhere – and you’ve made a difference!”

take 3 beach cleanHow did you get involved? The idea of Take 3 formed after a close friend of mine, Amanda Marechal returned from a surf trip in Hawaii. She had a passion to tell the world about the huge amount of plastic marine debris in the Pacific Ocean and thought that if everyone could “Take 3” we might just make a difference. Under the guidance of Marine Ecologist – Roberta Dixon Valk and Environmentalist – Tim Silverwood, the shared passion and enthusiasm of Amanda’s Take 3 idea was organically formed, in 2009.

Public awareness accelerated after winning the inaugural Taronga Green Grant from Taronga Zoo in 2010. Take 3 recently received the Sustainability Champion Green Globe Award 2014, which was presented by the Office of Heritage and Environment. I was on the original founding board of Take 3 and have been a passionate advocate of it ever since.


How often does the ‘Take 3’ founding group meet? Take 3 exists from a virtual office. There’s a Core Team, who meet regularly to work on numerous funded projects, educational school programs and ambassador programs.

Take 3 is a widely recognised nationally and internationally through school programs, beach clean ups and Youth Eco Summits, which so far has reached over 100,000 school students Australia wide! Take 3 is something that we try to encourage people to do as often as possible and anywhere! Imagine the difference it’d make to the environment, if we each took away at least 3 pieces of rubbish everyday!

take 3 beach clean


How can anyone get involved in their own local area? Join the Take 3 Facebook page to express your interest and for further information about Take 3 and up-coming events.


FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @take3cleanbeach & @take3hawaii #take3forthesea

Or put simply just ‘Take 3’ pieces of rubbish from anywhere!


A little bit about you Jamie-Lee. Tell us about your love for the coast and the ocean… Originally from the Central Coast in NSW, I relocated to the beautiful (but cold) town of Ocean Grove on the coast of Victoria. I love being in and around the ocean, surfing, swimming, diving or snorkeling, I just can’t get enough of what the ocean has to offer!

I see Take 3 as a simple way of saying thank you, for all of the amazing experiences the ocean has provided me with.

We can all be the change we want to see in the world.

take 3 beach clean jamie-lee

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