Scotts Head Has Aloha Spirit


With Emma-Jane Eeles

As a House & Petsitter I am blessed to stay in so many gorgeous seaside towns and villages along the East Coast of Australia. During the winter of 2012 I landed for 2 months into the sunny seaside town of Scotts Head on the mid north coast of NSW. Scotts Head, from the outside, looks like any other small coastal town, but over the next 2 months I am to find out that there is much more to this little patch of paradise than meets the eye.

Upon arriving into ‘Scotts’ for the first time I am greeted by a beautiful right hand wave peeling down the sandy point and a long golden beach graced by trees. Everyone I pass as I paddle out to catch my first wave here smiles and says hello to me. I am welcomed immediately and I am stoked. It is like I have just rewound to the 1960’s. All the older guys are riding mals with such grace and style. I am mesmerised and I realise I have found a little piece of surf history and heaven right here. Little do I realise at this point that I have also just found my passion for longboarding that will emerge from my experiences with the surfing community and the ocean here in Scotts.

Over the next few months I surf every day, and on the days when there is no surf, I am still at the beach – collecting shells, walking along or meeting people. I think that is what has drawn me here the most – the people. Every single person I meet in Scotts has a story, and not only do that have that story but they are willing to take the time to share their story with me.

The spirit of the surfing community here is strong. Everyone looks out for everyone else in the water and shares waves. You just rock up at the carpark with your boards on the roof of your car and even if you don’t know someone then someone else will introduce you, and it is like you have known them forever. In the water more often than not I would hear someone call out ‘Party Wave’ and about 5 people would catch the same wave together! How could you not have fun when everyone is so stoked?

Since that first trip to Scotts Head (where I ended up buying my first longboard) I have returned time and time again. Each time to smiling, happy and genuine faces. It is communities like this in little coastal surf towns that truly inspire me to continue my travels to other little communities, and to spread the stoke of surfing.

The ‘Aloha’ in the water is still well and truly alive, maybe one day too you can come and share a party wave and experience the aloha for yourself.

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