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The movie features Tory Gilkerson, Karina Rozunko, Makala Smith, Lindsay Steinriede-Engle, Erin Ashley and Stephanie Vigiano. Erin Ashley is one of the uber talented long boarders in the movie and we had a chat with her about surfing in California and being part of the this great project.

What was it like being part of an amazing women’s surf film project and working with Taylor? There are so many really great female surfers in California I definitely consider myself lucky. I mean the coast is absolutely littered with talent. How Taylor was able to choose a handful is beyond me.

You make some pretty small waves look amazing, both of you have an incredible style. How did you develop it? Any tips for girls who are in that middle ground between learning and the next level? I surf loads of beach breaks, which I think tends to make you a faster, pushier, more reactive surfer. We don’t have the luxury of waiting for a wave to set up so you learn to work around that. My home break blackies is the home to heaps of incredible surfers (Jess Trautt, Jared Mell, Eric Valley, Troy Elmore, Jake Zylstra, Alex Knost) so watching what they do on the exact same wave that you’re surfing can really get you amped to try out things and get better.

I grew up in the punk and skate scene and it really instilled this DIY puck it all attitude. Not in a bad way but more of I’m going to do what I’d like how I’d like it and if you’re not keen I don’t really care and I think that obviously really helps when you’re trying to figure out what your style is and how you’re going to surf. I have so many weird ticks and tricks that work for me and if I had listened and corrected what everyone thought I was doing wrong I’d be on some 2+1 HP ice cream shaped board trying to win contests (which is cool but also so far away from what I’m into)

Erin Ashley Photo: Greg Swanson
Erin Ashley Photo: Greg Swanson


As far as tips for getting better; I’d say push everything you’re doing harder. Turn harder, nose ride longer, takeoff deeper, get weirder. You can’t find your limits if you’re not looking for them and personally I want to be as close to the edge as I can get without falling off (and sometimes falling over). Nobody gets great by playing it safe. A few months ago in Bali I went for a solid 8ft barrel switch stance on a log. Totally biffed the take off and tumbled down the face got washing machined and spit out. That said people were super pumped that I had gone for it since it was such an epic fail. You’ll never make the things you don’t try.

Also watch the mechanics of how things work and how different people approach waves. If you’re struggling on backside watch people who surf backside really well. Watch Joel Tudor surf Malibu (or most rights) you’ll notice that he cheats his posture so he’s not completely parallel to the wave. If you do that in your surfing it’ll open up your field of vision. You’ll see more of the wave so it doesn’t feel like you’re chasing sections or blowing past them and that will allow you to relax and surf it the way you want. Or if you’re at a beach break trying to squeeze a noseride out of nothing watch someone like Alex Knost. He will do these left go rights, which will force a section to break and give you the speed to push through it, other than that maybe finish your waves, and relax.

What are your favourite parts of the film? Did you get to hang out with the girls during filming? I definitely didn’t get to hang out with the other girls as much as I would have liked to. They live a bit further south than I do and I was working loads during the filming so squeezing in days to film that were surfable and filmable was a bit of a struggle for my section. I did get to surf with Makala at Church one day which is one of the sections in the film. I just remember the day being loads of fun and wasting heaps of waves. Makala shreds and is a supernova of stoke.

Erin Ashley Photo: Rick Bickford

Erin Ashley Photo: Rick Bickford

Describe the girls surf scene in California – are there any prominent or inspirational women in the waves there? Like I mentioned earlier California is bursting with talent so there is in my opinion no shortage of inspirational and radical women. We also don’t always have the best waves which leaves loads of time for carpark hangs so everyone tends to get to know everyone else at some point

As forbearers: I’d Have to give it up to Joyce Hoffman. She had Hand Jive that would make Miki Dora jealous. There’s a classic shot of her that Ron Stoner took and I can only dream of having half as much steeze. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Kassia Meador is a legend. What she’s done to push the sport is incredible and she’s done with a style that everyone is still trying to emulate. She’s always frothing for a surf or a good hang. You can’t beat that.

Gidget as in the real Gidget Kathy Kohner. Back then Malibu was a mans world and all 5’2 of Kathy would just show up and do her thing. Such an epic attitude. Whilst many will claim that she was the downfall of surfing I couldn’t thank her enough. Growing up my sister and I loved watching the TV show and that’s what I will always romanticize surfing as being.

Erin Ashley Photo: Kenny Hurtado

Erin Ashley Photo: Kenny Hurtado

There are so many different types of boards to ride out there now that everyone can do anything, which leads to such a rad variance in styles. The ladies out there that are just strait ripping: Jen Smith there is this aggressiveness and confidence to her surfing that I love. Most people when they’re on the nose it’s because the wave allows it. With Jen she’s there because that’s what she wants. She shreds a 2+1, which I absolutely fail at and is a legend. Humans don’t come much more radical than her.

Sara Taylor can generate so much speed out of the gate it allows her to do full maneuvers in absolute slop. Getting her on a good wave is even better. She’s one of those people that I am constantly impressed by how good she surfs.

Mele Saili I don’t even know what to say other than she surfs the way that I wish I did.

How did you feel seeing the film for the first time? Pretty stoked. I took my mom and her best friend to the premiere and they loved it. I’m still a little kid in that sense showing my parents awards and making them see what I do. Like trying to validate all their unconditional love and support. My grandparents are always asking to see me surf so being able to show them the film was honestly the best part and I couldn’t thank Taylor enough for giving me the opportunity to do that.

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