Roisin’s Vanuatu Travel Diary


Travel Diary by Roisin Carolan 


Travelling between Fiji and Vanuatu was interesting… we’ve nearly missed every flight and bus we’ve had to catch. We’ve been  chased by a sea snake and I was startled by  a live crab in a pot when I was cooking.

Roisin Carolan in VanuatuWe’ve just been eating and chillaxing, surfing a bit and snorkelling. At the moment we’re staying in a little village called Pango in Port Villa with some locals. The surf is a 50 metre wall from our place but it’s not very good, it’s usually onshore. This week we will be on the hunt for some secret surf spots!  All the locals are really lovely and have already shown us some amazing secret spots and treated us to local foods. The water here is amazing, the reefs are so pretty and vibrant with so many colours and sea life, it’s the most surreal water I’ve ever swam in.

Last Friday we brought Fluro Friday to Vanuatu, everyone got into to it as you can see in the photo! Raising awareness for Mental Health all over the world!

I think the simple life of the villagers is really inspiring, it really makes you realise how spoilt we are in Australia. Living purely off the land and sea is amazing. Every day is such a wholesome existence.

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Roisin Carolan in Vanuatu              Roisin Carolan in Vanuatu

Roisin Carolan in VanuatuScreen Shot 2014-11-24 at 9.24.53 am

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