Reasons Why I Don’t Get In The Ocean As Much As I Should

Becoming at one with the ocean can sometimes be a really (REALLY) challenging thing – even for mermaids. It’s the reason we love the ocean and the reason why we also continue to return to it. The challenge.

There are days when you feel entirely connected to the ever current, movement and tide, like you were born to exist in sync with it. It provides an indescribable happiness on those occasions, feelings that warm your soul from excited butterflies in your stomach right up to the stoke radiating from the smile on your face. Every wave makes you feel present.

There are days when it’s just all off. You’re smashed in the shore break before you take your first step. The water feels like a thousand pins on your skin. Even the sound beneath the surface is like a high pitched screech that only you can hear. Not a single wave is right for you. You’re glum.

You’re not alone. Here are the excuses we all make that stop us from getting in the ocean as much as we should:

  1. I’ve got my period
  2. I don’t feel great in my swimwear
  3. The water is too cold
  4. The wind is too cold
  5. The wind is too strong
  6. My ears in the water at the moment
  7. I can’t be bothered to get to the beach and get changed
  8. My board isn’t right
  9. I need a new wettie
  10. I just got my hair done and I don’t want to wreck it yet
  11. I feel like it will be better this afternoon
  12. My knees don’t feel great at the moment
  13. I’m starting fresh on Monday
  14. I’m not fit enough at the moment
  15. I just spoke to my friend and we’ll be 200% committed next week
  16. It’s winter
  17. It’s summer and onshore
  18. There are too many people out
  19. I’m really busy
  20. I’m waiting for the right day

Sound familiar? We all have these days/weeks/months/years but the one thing that keeps us together, strong and on track is knowing that we have a deep and unconditional love for the ocean. It might be riding a craft, swimming or just sitting sea-side watching the ever changing conditions. There’s no doubt there’s magic out there, that’s what keeps us coming back.

Join us in reinvigorating your relationship and love with the ocean as we relaunch The Mermaid Society this month. Don’t turn down an opportunity to get salty. Stay inspired, let us keep you inspired.