Rain, Hail or Shine with Raine Jackson


Interview with Raine Jackson

Raine Jackson is 24 leads a fascinating life. She’s travelled the world as a professional surfer and spent time with some intriguing people. But she loves nothing more than coming home and surfing the Wedge.  After spending time with Raine you feel a little at ease with life. There is something about this yoga practicing, sea loving, tea drinker that calms the soul.

She’s joined The Mermaid Society as a contributor so you can look forward to a new world of stories and interviews from this nomadic surfer.

Raine Jackson Photo: Lucia Griggi

Raine Jackson Photo: Lucia Griggi


Where do you call home? Palm Beach, Sydney but just arrived in Europe to enjoy the summer!

Can you remember all the boards that have been in your quiver since the beginning? any stand outs and what are you riding now? If I was to attempt to list every single board I would definitely forget a few (probably the duds) I do still have my first board in the garage, Chelsea Georgeson (now Hedges) signed it! I’ve had some pretty rad shapers along the way but I’m currently riding Aido Wheeler’s Rusty boards. Just got a mix of his latest model ‘Yes Please’ and the ‘Magic Door’, so good to have a great board under my feet! My god sister @chescaathas just did a rad design on it too!!

Your favourite place in the world to live, where, why, climate, community? To live, either Avalon or Hossegor (France), they have their similarities. Different languages of course. Otherwise it would be cool to live somewhere north of Sydney, small town, uncrowded waves, local vege, simple life!

Raine Jackson Photo: Nick Pumphrey

Raine Jackson Photo: Nick Pumphrey

Your favourite place in the world to surf? To surf – that’s a tricky one! To me traveling for surfing is not just the waves, it’s the entire experience, the food, culture, the vibe you get being amongst the locals. I love Sri Lanka theres something indescribable about that place. It really just suits me as a person. I’m a wannabe hippie, yogi, linguist, philanthropist so a tropical India is my kid of paradise.

Somewhere you could live for the rest of your life a?I don’t think I could live in one place for the rest of my life, I’ll just take one step at a time and see where my feet fall.

What did you do with your life between 18-21? At the age of 17 I flew to Europe to try my luck competing on the European Junior Tour. The results weren’t great but the chance to travel with the O’neill Europe team was the best! I did this for a few years going back and forth between Australia and Europe. I was living the dream! The endless summer. I was taken on some amazing trips. Oman, Santa Cruz, Morocco, Ibiza, Portugal, Jamaica, France, Spain, Sri Lanka and so many more! In December 2011 I left Europe thinking I would return less than 6 months later, I then had a bit of an accident in the surf one day and had to have my hip operated on. By that stage I had given up on competing however the ever pulsating desire to travel was still there. It’s not till now that I have been able to reconnect with Europe.

What draws you back to the beach each time you leave? Having the blood pumping love all round your body. The saltwater has special powers. The moment you dive under, it’s as though the film of worry that was sticking to your skin is lifted. It becomes more of a need than a want. The sun, surf and fresh air can be addictive. I guess it’s not a bad addiction to have after all.  A sense of release and admiration for the gift surfing is to my life.

An experience that you think about all the time, something that is unforgettable or your happy place? Kids laughter makes me feel happy. Too many wonderful memories giggling with kids.

Raine Jackson Photo: Lucia Griggi

Raine Jackson Photo: Lucia Griggi

How did you get into yoga, what yoga do you practice, what’s the benefit for gurfers and what has been the biggest benefit for you? Hamish Nelson from Elite Surfing introduced yoga to me when I was 15. I was surfing loads and training hard, he saw how self critical I was, pushing myself to the max and I guess this was my opportunity to learn how to nuture my body and remain grounded. I do hatha yoga with Lucy Andrews in Avalon Soul Food Yoga. I’ve done the occasional class or intensive week with other teachers but I truly think that Lucy is the best! Yoga makes me feel normal. It helps with flexibility, core strength, balance, switching on muscles don’t usually use, maintaining overall physical and mental health and of course rehab and prehab. (preventing injuries)

Tell us about the Conscious Club… So I run this event in Sydney called the Conscious Club, its an alcohol free night where we provide what we like to call ‘enlightertainment’. We serve a wholesome vegetarian meal, have an inspirational guest speaker, awesome musicians, a quirky short film, give someone in the audience $500 to take on the Do Good Challenge, where they have to go out into the world and simply do good by enriching the lives of someone else, we film this and screen it at the following event. We also serve teas and chocolates and the mingling with other conscious peeps is epic!! Such a feel good evening connecting with great people!

Raine Jackson Photo: Lucia Griggi

Raine Jackson Photo: Lucia Griggi

When did you get hooked on surfing? I was a body boarder till the age of 10 then my mum took me to Hawaii for 3 weeks, everyday at 10:30 I had a private lesson with a friend of ours. Riding the biggest malibu on Waikiki was the best feeling! I was instantly hooked. From then on every school holidays I would go to surf school (pretty much just to surf with other people, use their wetsuits and get them to teach me to turn etc) then once I had my own board everyday I would carry my board on my head over the hill and surf till dark. It’s an addiction.

How did you pick up competitive surfing? I started surfing in our local boardriders club, NASA (North Avalon Surfriders Association) I then started training with local coach Hamish Nelson from Elite Surfing and from there I entered in the local junior comps and then went on to compete on the Pro Junior tours in Australia and Europe.

Finish this sentence…

When I dive under my first wave… the water is freezing but then it’s not so bad!

The ocean is like… a medium for surfing

By the time I’m 30 I’ll… have visited jail (not), a monastery (tick), not have a single asset to my name (looking that way) and look back on my 20s and say ‘shit yeah! let’s do that again!’


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