Quincy Davis Wins 2015 Corona Pro Puerto Rico

9th March 2015

Whilst the Roxy Pro rolls into another lay day with an extended waiting period for expected swell this week, it’s been a big weekend for results at the Corona Pro in Puerto Rico.

Eternal sunshine and warm waters with a 2 foot swell were perfect conditions for the girls on the golden sands of Domes Beach. Chelsea Tuach of Barbados said of the conditions “At the start of the event the waves were definitely challenging, really small and gutless but as we got towards the semis it picked up to fun chest high waves and I was stoked for that!

Although coming in 2nd place Chelsea was stoked to be surfing at the event. “I’ve always loved this event in Puerto Rico the waves are usually awesome and the vibes on the beach are so encouraging, the locals cheer for everyone, the don’t mind who’s on a wave they just love great surfing and I’ve always felt at home in Puerto Rico so any excuse to go back I take!”

As defending champion Chelsea kept busy and worked hard to keep her her title but it was Quincy who stayed one step ahead…

“Surfing against Quincy in the final was great, she’s the local so I was definitely feeling the pressure but we both had fun, she seemed to be a little more in rhythm her waves opening up a bit more than mine. In the end Quincy ended up edging me out with 2 sixes to take the title.”

Chelsea is supported by Roxy, Dragon, Dakine, Futures, Surfer Girl and Cheffete

2015 Corona Pro Puerto Rico

The A.P.S.P.R., (Association of Professional Surfing of Puerto Rico) has been created not just for the surfers of Puerto Rico. It was founded in 2001 to enhance the professionalism of surfing for all the surfers in the Caribbean  and Atlantic region, as well as from the Mainland U.S., the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America and Western Europe.

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