PODCAST: Izzi Gomez Is Part Of This Sports New Movement


If you’ve been reading stories and results on The Mermaid Society since we first started then you’ll know a little about Floridian Izzi Gomez. She’s the SUP surfing prodigal grom who, in 2017 has won her fourth SUP surfing APP World Championship. In a relatively new sport, Izzi is pushing the boundaries and is proud to be immersed in and have the responsibility of developing the sport as well as watching it flourish. We spoke to her about how she came into SUP after being brought up surfing a shortboard as well as the training and competition similarities and differences in the two sports and also the role that Red Bull has taken on as an international athlete support platform.

This incredible girl of the sea is just 18 years old. Essentially, she’s at the start of her career, one that is looking long and prosperous. She has one pretty big dream goal to achieve and we’re pumped to watch her make it happen.

*Photos below as mentioned in conversation from Fiji 2016 ISA World Games taken by Ben Reed & Sean Evans // ISA


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