Philippa Anderson Will Achieve Greatness

The Power Of Dreaming Big & Pushing The Limits In France

What is it like to want something with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul? Philippa Anderson knows all about it. The 25-year-old from Newcastle on the east coast of Australia continues on her path to greatness today with an incredible second World Qualifying Series Win at the Caraïbos Lacanau Pro 1,500QS event held on the beaches of Lacanau (30km west of Bordeaux in the south of France).

In good offshore conditions, the girls took to the water for the final day of the event, and just 48 hours before the start of the Anglet Pro. The final was fierce between an energised Anderson and American super force Kirra Pinkerton, who has been earmarked as a near-certain future stronghold of women’s surfing.

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At only 14, Pinkerton worked hard but looked smooth as silk in the final and pushed Anderson right until a tie on the final siren. In the event of a tie, in the World Surf League, the surfer with single highest wave will take the win, which was Anderson who nailed an 8.33 in the dying seconds. As exciting a final as you can get!

“I’m really happy with that win, earlier in the year I was in a similar situation where I needed a 9 in the last 30 seconds and I got the score,” Philippa Anderson said to the WSL after her win. “It boosts your confidence when you know you can get the score under pressure like that. I’ve been working really hard this year and it’s good to see it pay off like it has.”

“It’s been a long few years on the QS and it seems this year I’m finally finding my groove,” she said. “Kirra is an amazing surfer and she should really be proud of herself, I know when I was her age I was definitely not making finals like that.

Despite being a lower level QS event, when combined with her recent win at the Siargao International Women’s Surfing Cup in the Philippines Anderson is now sitting pretty on the QS leaderboard in the eighth position behind 6 current CT tour surfers. With solid places for the remainder of the eight remaining events, her lifelong dream could very well become a reality in 2018. We believe in you Philz.

The new European Top 5 Women after this event were also revealed:

1 – Carol Henrique
2 – Justine Dupont
3 – Camilla Kemp
4 – Garazi Sanchez-Ortun 5 – Peony Knight

Photos by Masurel/WSL

Kirra Pinkerton

14 year old Kirra Pinkerton pushing everyone to the limits.

Philippa Anderson

Philippa Anderson tucking in.

Philippa Anderson

Philippa chaired up the beach after victory.