Parko’s Grom Stomp 2015 Results

Big Results for the Girls at the Parko Grom Stomp


(ABOVE – Lily O’Sullivan is chaired up the beach photo by Surfing Queensland)

6th September 2015 – After 4 days the kids of the Gold Coast were stoked to finish today with great, fun conditions on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. It was great to see the under 10’s power through their heats and put on a great show. California Barrett was in great form to take out the youngest division and Lily O’Sullivan in the 11s.

Zahli Kelly continues her dominance in the juniors and today was a good day for her taking a double win with both the 12 and 14’s divisions with really fast and precise manoeuvres to post the highest scores in both heats.

Congratulations also to Piper Harrison who nearly pipped Zahli at the post with the double win. Piper went home with a 2nd in the 14s and the 16’s championship win for this year.

Piper Harrison on her way to the finals, photo by Surfing Queensland

Piper Harrison on her way to the finals, photo by Surfing Queensland


2015 Parko Grom Stomp Results


10 Girls

1st California Barrett
2nd Liliana Bowrey
3rd Amber Swan
4th Holly Dobson


11 Girls

1st Lily O’Sullivan
2nd Lucy Tandler
3rd Lily Wundke
4th Liliana Bowrey


12 Girls

1st Zahli Kelly
2nd Summa Longbottom
3rd Ella Smith
4th Nyxie Ryan


14 Girls

1st Zahli Kelly
2nd Piper Harrison
3rd Kelly Pockock
4th Emily Lethbridge


16 Girls

1st Piper Harrison
2nd Sophia Foulton
3rd Zahli Kelly
4th Skye Faddy


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