SURFAID: One Important Message – Never Forget The Locals.


Video by The Mermaid Society for SurfAid
Original Composition by Walsh Brothers
Voiceover by Lucy Kuner
Additional footage provided by Billabong

SurfAid is a non-profit that are making a real difference. Why do we love them? Their purpose is to improve the health, wellbeing and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions connected to us through surfing. Specifically, they have field teams working in the poverty-stricken villages that have the world’s most perfect waves; Nias, Sumba, Sumbawa and the Mentawai Islands. They work to improve mother and child health, nutrition, clean drinking water and sanitation but unlike other charities, they believe is not only handing out but importantly, the hand up. They want to provide the tools and education that will allow them and future generations have a significantly lower mortality rate from preventable diseases and poor health.

Today, SurfAid has launched their new campaign that draws our attention to remembering these people when we’re travelling. We may have paid thousands of dollars to travel across the seas to surf perfect waves in a tropical paradise, but those thousands of dollars that we spend on holidays can also provide whole villages with clean drinking water, access to vital medical teams and fieldworkers. NeverForgetTheLocals focuses on these people and their needs once we’ve returned home with stories of how barrelled we got and how lucky we were.

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