Noosa Festival of Surfing 2018

Noosa’s 8 Days Of Pure Stoke, Brings Surfing’s Essence Alive

Noosa’s 8 Days Of Pure Stoke, Brings Surfing’s Essence Alive


Videos by Gary McEvoy – See all the event videos from Gary here.

It says it all in the logo, ‘8 days of pure stoke’, and that’s exactly what it is. Not just for the competitors, but the

community, the friends and family who travel locally, interstate and internationally to sit on the golden sands of Noosa’s main beach.

The festival began in 1994 and since has grown to hold major sponsors and a live webcast. It is unlike nearly anything else in the world, tying in Australia’s dynamic, fun surf culture, the traditions of surfing and it’s rich history and international friendships. It is the one event where nearly anything is acceptable, even a division for surfing with your dog and dress ups. It’s a completely inclusive event with all divisions open, drawing surfing’s most amazing personalities, characters and showcasing incredible talent.

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We spoke to 17-year-old Mason Schremmer who came from Hawaii with her two sisters Lola and Scarlett for the fourth year running. The elegant and humble Hawaiian longboarders make the flight along with a growing number of international guests.

You girls have the life. You live among the islands of Aloha yet make the Noosa Surf Festival a must every year.
Yeah of course, it’s one of the best events in the world and kind of like a giant family reunion. We’ve made so many life-long friends just coming here each year, families and surfers from all over the world, Hawaii, California and France and all over Australia. They continue to come back each year like us. It’s really special to be part of it all.

It’s such a close community vibe and everyone is so friendly everywhere you go. You might not no people at the start of the week but by the end of the wee,k you know everyone and you’re hanging out down at Betty’s Burgers together.

I also love that you can watch so many people surfing from different parts of the world. There are so many styles and I learn so much from just sitting on the beach watching heats. There are so many guys and girls killing it out there and it’s a great feeling to be part of it all.

Noosa Festival of Surfing 2018

Noosa is such a beautiful longboard wave and this year the event was treated to an appropriately timed cyclone swell. Did that make it more exciting?
The event was really fun this year, the waves were nearly head high during a couple of the days and a few of my heats. Imagine being able to surf First Point Noosa with just three other people out, and perfect peeling waves. It was like a dream, we were really lucky. I had a Noserider heat that I was just doing for fun and in that division, you can only catch five waves. The other girls in the heat got their five and then had to return to shore but I still have five minutes all to myself out there, with no other surfers. There were people waiting in the channel for the next heat just laughing saying, ‘this is insane’, and it was, but such an amazing experience. 

You surfed against the current World Champion, Honolua Blomfield in the finals of the Lady Logger division, what was that like for you?
It was really cool surfing against Honolua because she’s such a strong competitor. She controls and manages herself really well in heats, and even though I surf against her in Hawaii, to compete against her here was amazing. I feel like I try to surf better, when I’m up against her, she makes me work harder. It’s the kind of things I have to do if I want to be the world champ myself, which is the goal – but as long as it’s always fun. When it’s not fun anymore it’s not worth it.

By the sounds of it the Schremmers will be returning for years to come, and one day, maybe as world champions.




1 USA Kate Maxfield
2 WA Loz Williams
3 QLD Lynda Franklin
4 QLD Renee Dawkings
5 QLD Amy Short
6 QLD Jamie Baxter
7 QLD Juanita Read
7 QLD Karen Pearson
9 NSW Belinda Baggs

Noosa Festival of Surfing 2018


1 QLD Lilliana Bowrey
2 HI Kelis Kaleopaa
3 HI Luluhia Kane
4 QLD Luca Doble
5 QLD Coco Cairns
6 QLD Luca Groh
7 QLD Charlotte Lethbridge
8 QLD Dippy St Baker
9 QLD Ella Rupp
10 QLD Maggie Harmer
10 QLD Tia Coulter
10 HI Sophia Culhane
13 QLD Chloe Fleming
13 HI Cooper Hinderer
13 QLD Millie Allwood
16 QLD Mia Waite
16 QLD Lucy Bowen
16 HI Scarlett Schremmer

Noosa Festival of Surfing 2018


1 USA Soleil Errico
2 HI Sally Cohen
3 USA Avalon Gall
4 HI Mason Schremmer
5 QLD Emily Lethbridge
6 HI Lola Schremmer
7 GER Bianca Dootson
8 HI Alicia Kelley
9 QLD Adelaide Smith
10 QLD Nelly St Baker
10 QLD Jade Gower
10 QLD Ruby Lawrance
13 QLD Maya Grzegozewski
13 GER Kalina Jones
13 QLD Taylah McKenzie
16 QLD Paris Ryan
16 QLD April Sweet
16 QLD Summer Gauld
19 QLD Grace Keelan
19 HI Emma Perrier


1 QLD Kristy Quirk
2 QLD Kate Dwyer
3 USA Miranda Joseph
4 QLD Peppie Simpson
5 QLD Katsuki Takahashi
6 QLD Kate Perry
7 QLD Marnie Morat
7 HI Jacinda Seale
9 QLD Jocelyn Yee
9 QLD Maree Beare
11 NSW Andrea Bohm


1 USA Soleil Errico
2 HI Honolua Blomfield
3 HI Kirra Seale
4 HI Sierra Lerback
5 QLD Kathryn Hughes
6 NSW Nava Young
7 NSW Tia Deighton
8 NSW Lily Elllis
9 NSW Tully White
10 USA Olivia Donnelly
10 QLD Kirra Molnar
10 HI Makoa Ah Sam
13 GER Bianca Dootson
13 JPN Manami Sakuma
13 USA Stephanie Schechter
16 USA Lauren Canavan
16 VIC Eglantine Balland
16 FRA Anais Pierquet
19 NSW Georgia Matts
19 QLD Mieke Van der Merwe
19 NSW Laure Mayer
22 QLD Amy Rose Hewton
22 QLD Kaori Tokuhisa
22 QLD Akiko Ono
25 QLD Jill Michael
25 QLD Alana McElhinney
25 QLD Delphine Foureau
28 QLD Jemma Ellis


1 HI Honolua Blomfield
2 NSW Roisin Carolan
3 HI Mason Schremmer
4 HI Kelis Kaleopaa
5 QLD Kirra Molnar
5 HI Kirra Seale
7 NSW Tully White
7 USA Soleil Errico
9 QLD Emily Lethbridge
9 HI Sierra Lerback
9 USA Avalon Gall
9 HI Lola Schremmer
13 QLD Amy Rose Hewton
13 QLD Kate Perry
13 HI Tia Deighton
13 GER Bianca Dootson
17 USA Kyra Joseph
17 QLD Maya Simonovski
17 QLD Ashleigh Browne
17 HI Sophia Culhane
21 QLD Ivy Thomas
21 QLD Kristy Quirk
21 QLD Kathryn Hughes
21 USA Stephanie Schechter
25 USA Lauren Canavan
25 MEX Lola Mignot
25 NSW Lily Ellis
25 VIC Eglantine Balland

Noosa Festival of Surfing 2018

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