Nikki Van Dijk Wins Swatch Girls Pro

In the most testing, small conditions the sun shone bright in the French Summer sky and the girls worked hard to push through the quater and semi finals. Catching what they could it was impressive to see quick, sharp turns and moves before the small waves hit the shoreline. There was no shortage of crowds on the beach to cheer on the girls right the way through the event that Nikki Van Dijk said she was even tempted to do run and skim tricks to entertain the crowd during the lull in the finals.

The final between Mahina Mada from Hawaii and Nikki Van Dijk from Australia felt long with the lull of no waves but lucky for Nikki, within the first 8 minutes she secured a 7 and 6 point ride which left poor Mahina hanging around waiting for just a ripple to appear to put her on the score board.

The final score was 13.67 to Nikki and 4.2 to Mahina.

Nikki Van Dijk Photo: Swatch / Damien Poullenot

Nikki Van Dijk Photo: Swatch / Damien Poullenot


Nikki said after her win… “The final was difficult with not a lot of waves and I really needed the ranking points so to win really means a lot to me. I’ve had an amazing week in France with both my brother and sister… The best thing though has been the crowds. They cheered me on before and after all my heats, something I have never experienced before. The whole experience has been incredible.”

Mahina not only scored massive points on the QS leaderboard but also won herself a wildcard through to the Swatch Women’s Pro at Trestles coming up in September as part of the World Championship Tour. “It’s hard to believe that I made it to the final and received a spot to my first ever WCT event” said Maeda. “I’ve grown up on the North Shore of Oahu watching great surfers like Carissa Moore, Coco Ho and Alessa Quizon, so to be able to compete against them in a few weeks is great. My dream is to one day make the WCT and to be given the experience now by Swatch is mind-blowing!”


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