Mermaid Product Review: SurfMud

The Mermaid Product Reviews are an honest review of a products provided to us. They are tried and tested by our team in real life conditions and are rated based on their price, quality, durability and customer satisfaction and are given a Mermaid Rating  out of 5 upon conclusion. 

This review was conducted by Sally Mac and Raine Jackson


SurfMud is made (by hand) on the Sunshine Coast out of natural and safe ingredients. It has been made as a safe alternative for all day surfing in the tropics and is the best sun shield you can put on your skin to protect you from the sun without all the damaging chemicals in other zincs.

I’m usually very cautious of ingredients in zincs and was interested to get some SurfMud on my face and getting out in the surf to see if the natural products were all they were cracked up to be. Having a little mermaid just 2 years old I’ve also been checking out sunscreens and zincs that are the best for kids and after talking to Dave from SurfMud it was refreshing to hear that he put the ingredients together based on his own interest in wanting to put something safe on his kids skin.

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  • 30% Zinc Oxide (Zinc oxide is nonirritating, non-allergenic, non-comedogenic and is the broadest spectrum UVA and UVB reflector that is approved for use as a sunscreen) SURF MUD
  • Organic Bees Wax
  • Mineral Oil
  • Natural Lanolin
  • Coconut Oil
  • China Clay
  • Iron Oxides for natural colour

Apart from being an epic and dedicated surfer Jason is also a scientist with a legitimate and credible background and spent a lot of time talking us through the ins and outs of the commercial sunscreens and zincs on the market as well as the ingredients you NEVER want in contact with your skin that are commonly used. SurfMud does not have a TGA (Thereputic Goods Administration) or SPF Rating they are required to add in preservatives to acquire this status and for Jason, well he’s stoked that some of the best surfers and water people around use Surf Mud for up to 6 hours in the tropics and rave about it’s protection on their skin. Our favourite Amy Kotch is an ambassador after randomly coming across it at a resort. (See Amy’s review on the SurfMud website)


Mermaid Contributor, Raine and I tested out Surf Mud in the hot Australian Sun on a 30 degree day in February.

APPLICATION On application the ‘Mud’ has a thick but manageable texture that can rub over your face easily and it creates a nice even and soft consistency, unlike what you’d expect from the brown colour.

PACKAGING It comes in a really cute little aluminium twist tub. It’s easy to store and easy to use. Unlike a stick it can’t get stuck and unlike a tube, you know how much you’ve got left. We love the packaging!

In our opinion unlike other zinc commercially available SurfMud isn’t sticky, strangely even without preservatives and chemicals, it is so soft on your skin. After surfing for 4 hours and drying off it doesn’t feel like it’s blocking your pores (MASSIVE PLUS!). To be honest I was expecting it to cake up a bit with the Zinc Oxide, even dry out my skin after getting out of the water but nothing. I left the Mud on for 2 hours after I left the water, still nothing. Just make sure you wash it off before bed or it will cover your pillow!

Raine says “It’s not oily, it’s more pasty and easy to apply unlike other zinc. It’s great because you know there are no nasties in it and that’s the best thing. It’s great to know there’s a zinc out there that WORKS and uses natural and organic products.”

Of course, the purpose of using zinc over sunscreen in the surf is that it won’t wash or be wiped off when you’re continually wiping your eyes or nose. It’s also a more hardy alternative and the guys at SurfMud have a 100% guarantee that you’ll love it!

I applied the Mud to my 2 year old before a swim at midday a day later. I thought it would definitely take a bit of grunt to get on her soft, chubby cheeks but unexpectedly it was not as hard as expected.

PRICE SurfMud is priced really well at $19.95 AU and is actually cheaper for its size and place in the market than other similar products. 

SUMMARY Apart from a great name, good consistency and being a natural and morally positive product SurfMud did a great job of protecting my skin from the harsh Australian sun, and with all the bonus facts I’ve learnt about zincs and sunscreens SurfMud will definitely be a regular in our house (and a present for friends).

Based on the use of other zincs available we give SurfMud a 5 Mermaid Rating!5 mermaids rating

We Highly recommend this product

surf mud

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