Mermaid Product Review: Sambora Beach Toes

The Mermaid Product Reviews are an honest review of a products provided to us. They are tried and tested by our team in real life conditions and are rated based on their price, quality, durability and customer satisfaction and are given a Mermaid Rating out of 5 upon conclusion. 

This review was conducted by Sally Mac


Sambora Beach Toes is a bright, fun and active nail varnish made in Australia for girls of the sea, and land. The formula is chip resistant, UV Stabilised (meaning it doesn’t fade in the sun and stays looking great whilst on your nails), NOT tested on animals and 7 toxins free! (toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin). 

You will find top athletes like our own Iron Woman Jordie Mercer, Hayley Bateup and Beach Volleyballer Mariafe Artacho de Solar glistening their good looking nails on the beach and now we’ve jumped on board the action to test it our for real.

Sambora Beach Toes


Sambora Beach ToesNow I’m going to be honest, I’ve probably worn nail polish 5 times in my life and have had 1 manicure and that was recently for a friends wedding. I don’t, nor ever have looked after my nails (toes or fingers) – A genetic biter and have always just gone with, I do to much sport and activities to grow my nails. UNTIL… in the post dropped some Sambora Beach Toes, the matching colour turquoise to our Mermaid Society logo. Getting pretty embarrassed to even apply it, I nervously, and messily slopped it over my fingers and toes. 2 weeks later my nails had grown so off came the colour for a breather. Next day it went back on. I’ve now had 3 re-application of the varnish in 6 weeks and I’ve got nails a high society lady would smile at.

After getting some tips from a regular manicure attendee on my application in just over a month I’ve successfully grown nails and learned the art of nail polish for beginners. After 2 coats my refreshing turquoise stays as part of my nails for a good 5 days before the first wear and tear appears, and I’m talking real wear and tear… (life with a 2 year old; play dough, feeding chickens, planting in the garden, playing in the sand, preparing dinner, fixing things etc.)

I was truly surprised at the time before the wear and tear started to appear and then I gave it a few more days until it started looking shabby before wiping clean and starting over.

I’d say at least once to 3 times daily people complimented the colour, never have I had people compliment my nails and it felt weird but so cool!

APPLICATION:Sambora Beach Toes

Same, same as other nail varnish I would imagine, although it was really easy to clean off the messy edging on my skin, so that was a big plus starting out. It goes on really smooth and the first coat dried in about 3 minutes in just plain air. The 2nd coat really made it shine and didn’t stick into the first layer, just worked perfectly. Removal was also easy, I guess because of the absence of some of the chemicals that may be used in other varnishes.


The price is $18.95 AU In my opinion it’s a little over priced and I would expect it to be more round the $15 mark. In saying that it is lasting quite a long time and you are paying for the assurance of less toxins than usual as well as the active wear component.


Packaged in a simple transparent glass bottle containing 11mL of varnish. The packaging is simple and effective with the true colour visible through the glass.


Sambora Beach Toes are a great alternative to your usual varnish. The colours are amazing and so appropriate for our girls of the sea. We love the Caribbean Crush (Mermaid Colour), Baby Wave and Hang Ten. It’s true, the colours don’t fade at all and although there is general wear and tear and chips after a week it held up amazingly well under tough circumstances.

If you want to be complimented on your nails get the Caribbean Crush on today, it’s a show stopper and so refreshing. It’s bright but without looking tacky. After all being a water sports girls is not just about the colour of your swim wear and wetsuit!


Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.11.36 pm

We recommend this product with 4.5 Mermaids 



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