Mermaid Product Review: Enjoy Handboards

Enjoy HandplaneI used to be stuck in a world where surfing was it all. Since bringing The Mermaid Society to life I’ve spent my days in the ocean playing on and experimenting with every ‘toy’ I can get my hands on. I couldn’t be happier. I’d never successfully bodysurfed a wave before about 2 months ago when I received an Enjoy* HandPlane. 

It was a 1 foot day with crispy, green glass walls. With DaFins in one hand and my HandPlane in the other I made my way into the surf. All I need to say is that it was the most fun I’ve had in the water. a couple of weeks later a big swell hit, I’d spent a couple of sessions in the small stuff and was pretty confident diving under the bigger waves (It’s heaps easier without a board!). The waves were about 4 foot and I was just kicking in and cursing down the line on waves that I’d definitely not make on a surfboard. I couldn’t get enough of it and am now just as hooked on it as surfing. The best bit is, that when the surf is closing out you can still have fun with your handboard, you just have to get used to ‘tap nose’ and sand ALL through your hair and ears. But it’s the BEST feeling in the world.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 8.46.54 pmABOUT ENJOY*

Enjoy HandPlanes are made from recycled surfboards and the one I’m using for the product review is the ENJOY FUNGUY HANDPLANE. It’s actually made with REAL FUNGUY. It’s an “organic blank that is made from re-purposing agriculture waste like corn stalks and hemp which is then grown together with live mushroom. The end result is pressure cooked at 300 degrees into a workable blank.” The clear resin even lets you see the funny underneath.

We love Enjoy* because they are working so hard to make sustainability work well. By taking old boards and wetsuits and using them to create these amazing hand planes. They are hardy and look amazing.

Each one is made by hand and signed before being shipped off to you. Even the cute labels are handmade from recycled cardboard.

Enjoy HandplaneAPPLICATION:

Most hand planes have a velcro handle or strap and the Enjoy* are no different. Their’s is covered by a recycled wetsuit neoprene sewn together like a little sock to keep the strap in place. The Strap is totally expandable for any hand size or comfort length.

It is advised that you use a fin saver for it especially if going out in big surf, even though they boards float you don’t want to spend your time searching for a Enjoy Handplanelost board. Fin savers only retail for about $15 AU and are well worth it to protect your hand plane. The strap is real comfortable and the shape and coating of the hand plane are really smooth and comfortable.


This FUNGUY HANDPLANE retails for $200 AU but is a work of art as well as an amazing toy. The pricing is a bit out of reach for a lot of people, however it is important to consider that each are made by hand and by choosing one as yours you are supporting local small business and sustainability in the surf industry.

Although not for everyone, those who are in the market for the best of theEnjoy Handplane best, this is your pick.


This hand plane can be used by anyone, however if you are an absolute beginner with not much surf experience it’s suggested that you pick a larger plane (14-16″) which will keep you out of the water a lot more. The smaller boards like this one which is 12″ inches, are good for kids and intermediate to advanced adults based on weight.

SWIMMING: They are pretty easy to swim with (which is what I was worried about) but once you get your rhythm it actually feels like it’s helping your stroke.

It only nearly slipped off my hand once but after re-adjusting the strap to be a bit tighter it actually was really snug. Unlike cheaper boards the Enjoy* is solid and slick, it drives cleanly down the line and has no sharp edges.

Make sure you go out with fins, it’s crucial to give you enough propulsion and momentum for the wave to pick you up. We use DaFins (the pink ones), they are super soft and never leave a mark on your feet.


It’s a thumbs up here. For a smooth ride and a damn good time pick up an ENJOY* Handplane. There’s no substitute for quality, and quality it is. A beautiful, water gliding experience for young and old, experienced or beginner.

Can’t say enough about how much stoke and genuine mermaid joy this original wave riding experience brings into your life. Now an official convert into bodysurfing. THANKS ENJOY*


Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 10.11.36 pm

We recommend this product with 4.5 Mermaids 


Enjoy Handplane

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