Mermaid Product Review #5: Pro Standard GoPro Grill Mount

Being an avid GoPro user in and out of the water, I’ve tried every accessory and have been curious about the few varieties of Grill Mounts on the market, there have been a couple tested that are not even worth mentioning. What you’re looking for with a GoPro accessory is primarily the easiest to use and best quality footage. It’s easy to think that something being held by your mouth would cause a gag reflex, as I thought (& as experienced with other products), but the Pro Standard Grill Mount has this all sorted out as well as good quality vision… tick, tick. Check out our review.

(This review was carried out on a surfboard, bodyboard, and bodysurfing with a GoPro HERO 3+) 


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The World’s Most Versatile Accessories for “The World’s Most Versatile Camera”

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 2.25.21 pmThe Pro Standard was created by Ken Achenbach a former pro snowboarder and photographer to enhance the GoPro experience. Ken designed and created the Pro Standard Grill Mount to have “something” better and more functional that enables more creativity” on the market for the GoPro market.


bodysurf enjoy


To hook up your GoPro to the Grill Mount you will need the waterproof case to screw the nut and bolt in. The Grill Mount only comes with the nut so make sure you don’t lose your screw.

Before using the Grill mount I purchased a Floatie Back Door that comes with a fluro orange floating foam block and some cords. The Grill Mount doesn’t come with any kind of safety cord so you’ve got to get a bit inventive. I attached a hair elastic to my wetsuit zipper with a boat knot and then you can link the hair elastic to the GoPro cord. I did this so to ensure I wouldn’t be losing my GoPro! This invention worked pretty well every time and hasn’t failed. (SEE PHOTOS BELOW)

Before using the Grill Mount follow the instructions to moulding the rubber to your mouth like a sports mouth guard. This makes it a lot more comfortable in your mouth and also so you don’t have to bite down as hard.

the pro standard Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.54.22 am


The Pro Standard Grill Mount retails for $29.95 AU and is perfect for it’s place in the market.


The use of the Grill mount really takes a bit of playing around.

I found that biting down on the mount gives you a bit of a jaw ache the next day, obviously because you’re using jaw muscles to clench it in most of the time.

Once in your mouth it’s a great device to use. Unlike other GoPro accessories, you can just forget about it and get the surfing done. It also didn’t fall out of my mouth once. (Probably why my jaw is sore)

I think there should probably be a hole or connection on the Grill Mount to allow for that extra safety cord to be applied.

Before using the Grill Mount you need to adjust the settings of the GoPro to make the shooting the right way up as the GoPro will be facing up-side-down when in your mouth. (On the Hero 4 you can set it to Auto detect others must be set either up or down – see manual or instructions). If you don’t adjust this setting it’s really frustrating when you are reviewing video and images, you have to keep rotating.

PHOTO VIDEO QUALITY: The Grill Mount produces VERY solid and still footage much better than a hand held “floaty handle” or “selfie stick”. If you’re looking for a great ocean shot, barrel shot or POV it’s a must have in your accessory box. It’s stability factor is the best by far from any other. (This video does not have any stabiliser applied to it, showing how stable the footage it!) IMPRESSIVE!


The Pro Standard Grill mount is a great accessory for GoPros as a surfer, SUP and bodyboarder. It’s not ideal for bodysurfing as it dips into the water as you go along the face.

Despite a few adjustments we recommend it for Point Of View (POV) shots and video. It makes shooting really easy and stable. It is a very strong and simple design and it is reliable and well priced.


We recommend the Pro Standard Grill Mount 4 / 5

 4 stars


Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.03.28 pm


Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 11.20.37 am


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