Mermaid Product Review #4: DaFins

I’ve grown up my whole life on and off fins. Every single pair I’ve used have either cut up all around my ankles or filled up with water and been really uncomfortable. I was even nervous about trying a new brand, just like wearing in new shoes all the pain and bittersweet results (in the name of fashion over practicality!?). 

Since picking up a mighty fine hand plane (by Enjoy* as reviewed last week), it’s been crucial to have fins, firstly it’s a lot safer in the water with fins on because you can pretty much just kick out anywhere. Secondly you need that extra propulsion to launch you into the wave when bodysurfing, just like paddling aids surfing, you have to pick up the speed of the wave to be caught up in it.

Every mermaid needs good fins!

About DaFin (Pink Edition)

DaFin was started up in Hawaii and are recognised and used by the top lifeguards in Hawaii (official fins of the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association and various American life saving associations) as well as being endorsed by the legendary bodysurfer Mark Cuningham and Brian Keaulana.

Their main aim is to create a comfortable and powerful fin, basically; practical, good looking and powerful in the water.

DaFins are perfect for bodysurfing and water training but also widely recognised as a top level bodyboard fin too.

dafin logoThey are made from 100% natural rubber and come in a variety of colours and sizes, even xxs for kids 4 -8 years approx.

We road tested DaFins over the last 3 months with bodysurfing and bodyboarding and were pleased with the results. The aesthetics of the pink DaFins were instantly attractive, the pink and white are a great feminine touch and look great walking down the beach and in the water.


Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.35.07 pmIt’s really hard to not love these fins. They are so incredibly soft with a strong sling back and are easy to throw on either in or out of the water. (Although they are ingeniously designed to float we still used fin savers!) They’re handy when you’re trying to get them on in the water being no left or right, the softness of the foot pocket supports either foot!

I am a size 10 Au and take a ML size which fitted great.


For a top line fin the DaFins are reflected in price at $99 AU or $65 US other fins on the market dance from $59AU + I personally think the price is justified in the softness and performance of the fins, as well as the colour choice. It sounds a bit silly but they just really inspire you to get out in the water with the colour Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.34.53 pmalone. The price is also worthy of no ankle sores or rub, maximum comfort is a massive plus.


Upon swimming out through the line up I was quick to notice how solid the fin actually felt with each kick. When I reached the back I checked them out again, after kicking through the waves they really did have a great acceleration and I wanted to examine further. Each rail of the fin is really stiff and strong and there is also an extra rib up the centre that creates a V-shape at the end of the fin. The rubber is SO SOFT, I just can’t event explain it in words, I think that the softness between these stiff ridges helps with the propulsion in each kick, kind of like a ducks webbed feet?

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.37.43 pmThe foot pocket is also ridiculously soft, it feels like a silk sock – does that cover it?

Once I selected a wave it was time to spring into action. The fins performed just as responsively as the swim out and launched me into the wave with little effort. Whilst on the wave I did feel like the water was rushing through and the sling back was going to come loose. I have experienced this with other fins but the softness made it feel like it was about to slip right off. Luckily I had fin savers on as well but they weren’t needed to save them. They didn’t come off, just felt slightly loose on the wave. This didn’t happen at all using them with the bodyboard.

One one occasion I wore the fins for nearly 3 hours in the water catching waves and constantly kicking and not a single moment of uncomforted. In fact, the whole time I was expecting to feel the beginning of blisters and cut ins but NOTHING!


DaFins get a great big tick from us. There’s nothing better than a product that is actually a really great performer and beautiful. The softness is not comparable to anything else on the market. Even just touching it when you pick it up is a lovely experience. The colour choice in pink and white is so clever and makes the whole water girls experience more feminine and sexy. Everyone wants to know about them on the beach, so that make you feel pretty good too. The strength of the fin in the water is similar to other blade ended fins with the stiffness in 3 places and they performed as expected in the water. These fins are well worth the money spent on them. Comfort, beauty and strength all covered with these.


5 mermaids rating

DaFins Pink and White get a 5 Mermaid Rating from us! WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT…

They cover all the bases and attract lots of attention. They are also available in other colours but our choice is head-over-heels pink and white.




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