Melanie Bartels Wins 1st Event of Hawaiian Bodyboard Tour at Ala Moana Bowls

23rd June 2015

(TOP Event #1 Finalists photo by Science Bodyboards Hawaii)

Melanie Bartels coming out of a roll at Bowls PHOTO by Banzai Betty

Melanie Bartels coming out of a roll at Bowls PHOTO by Banzai Betty

The bodyboard girls of Hawaii convened at the Ala Moana Bowls on Oahu over the weekend with a decent 5-6 foot swell. The IBA’s Hawaiian Tour were stoked to hold the first event of their season including the women’s division. The Bowls are know for their epic left barrels and heavy lip encouraging the bodyboarders to maximise speed for fast, progressive manoeuvres.

Traci Effinger a finalist of the women’s division said the conditions were great for the first event… “They were perfect…” She said “There were some lulls between sets but the sets were always at least head high and long barrel rides. The waves were breaking at Middles and some of the bigger sets were coming through at Big Bowl.”

It was great to see the girls making the most of some spectacular conditions and their high level of skill over the event with long barrel rides and strong, fast rolls taking the cake in the points score.

Traci said “The women’s semi final round 2 had the best waves of the whole contest with some amazingly consistent 6foot sets, as agreed by all of the male competitor – Wahine good luck I guess!”

Congratulations to the girls on a great first event, we look forward to the next event at Sandys Beach in August.


IBA Hawaiian Tour Event 1 Results


1st Melanie Bartels

2nd Karla Costa

3rd Summer McKasson

4th Traci Effinger




Event 1 – ALA MOANA BOWLS: JUNE 16-21

Event 2 – SANDY BEACH: AUG 8-9 or 15-16

Event 3 – HAWAII ISLAND: OCT 10-11

Event 4 – WEST SIDE: DEC 5-6



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