The Adventures of Mahina the Real Mermaid


Interview by Roisin Carolan

“When a person knows who she really is,
once she understands her true wild oceanic self,
she discovers her Old Mermaid self.”

— Myla Alvarez, Church of the Old Mermaids

(Top photo Mahina Mermaid photo by Scott Needham) 

Mahina Mermaid is a brand that many of you fellow mermaids would be familiar with… They are famously known for producing The MerFin which is the first soft, flexible and functional rubber mermaid fin of its kind on the market, as well as one of the first eco-friendly/recycled fins produced.

When Mahina was growing up she spent all her spare time by the ocean, developing a strong connection and love for the natural world. In 2005 her and a friend created Merfins in an attempt to look and swim like dolphins, for community awareness commercial. Since then Kazzie has developed the brand into a unique livelihood, where at the heart of the business is a message of environmental conservation and sustainability. Now, Mahina Mermaid create fins that not only give us the capacity to fulfil our mermaid dreams, but are also Eco friendly.

I was lucky enough to get in touch with Kazzie Mahina the mermaid that began it all, to get a glimpse into her oceanic life…

What inspired you to start making MerFins? After creating my own mermaid tail and travelling the globe as a mermaid, I soon realised that although my dream had come true, it didn’t seem complete until I shared the dream with others.  I simply saw that the MerFin could be a vehicle that would inspire others to connect with the nature, be it rivers, lakes or the ocean and be reminded that our natural world is beautiful, and one worth taking care of. I figured that the MerFins could be a way of life and also a way of imparting messages of ocean and nature conservation.

What piece of advice would you give someone wanting to become a part time mermaid? Have lots of coconut oil on hand for detangling the salty knotted Mermaid hair!

Always rinse your MerFin of the salt water after every session and remember to be a voice for the voiceless creatures in the sea.

What’s the best part about being a mermaid? Swimming with Sea Life, visiting beautiful islands, and being asked to do the most random wonderful jobs that I could never have even imagined.

Is there one moment/experience you’ve had as a mermaid that you will never forget? My deep sea encounter with a humpback whale and her cub in Tonga. A full half an hour I played with the baby humpback and her mother.. I ended up floating eye to eye with the mother for what felt like the longest time, entranced into her huge wise and ancient eye. The peace and presence I encountered is, to this day, something words could never describe.

What’s your favourite snack after a long mermaid session? Either Corn Chips or Watermelon or if it has been a really long session I always love some sourdough toast with goat’s cheese, avocado and tomato.

Where is your favourite place to get your mermaid on? Wategos Beach, Byron Bay

Have you had any scary encounters as a mermaid? I have swum with whales and sharks, and some may find that scary, but I have always found it awe inspiring and exhilarating but I can not think of any actual scary encounters

Your love of the ocean, like many mermaids has given you a strong passion for environmental conservation. How can people help look after our seas? Firstly being mindful of the plastic marine debris that ends up in our oceans, the simple things that anyone can do are – Be as plastic free as possible, especially the single use plastics! Eg. always take a reusable water bottle with you where ever you go and make a commitment to never use plastic bags, remember to take reusable shopping bags with you. Always pick up any rubbish/plastic found on the beaches, in gutters or  anywhere for that matter… all rubbish can eventually find its way washed into our waterways..

Get inspired and start up your own local beach clean ups every month or 3 months… Find a way to have fun whilst imparting the value of the health of our oceans to those around you that you can.

And finally a special message to all you Merfolk “In the ocean of life, follow the golden currents of your heart and make beautiful waves with your soul… Mahina xx”

You can transform your own 2 legs into a Mahina MerFin and Mahina MerSwimwear online and follow Mahina Mermaid adventures…


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Mahina MerFins

Mahina and son Makoa photo: Thor Englestad

Mahina and son Makoa photo: Thor Englestad


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