Mahina Maeda Speaks Beyond Her Years

Mahina MaedaIt’s hard to think that this mature, mind blowing surfer girl is just 17 years old. Already, she’s conquered Nazare in Portugal placing her entry into the XXL Big Wave Awards on a massive close out and in 2014 took out the World Surf League’s – World Junior Championship Tour.

In 2015 she’s looking for her place on the World Championship Tour as she travels the world in and out of airports and a regular at the excess baggage counter. It’s looking promising kicking off the year winning the first event of the Qualifying Series in China, she only needs to get a couple more good places and she’s set to be part of the top 17 girls in the world…the golden ticket of professional surfing.

Mahina has a methodical flow about her surfing lines. You know that every wave is completed with strategy but also an undercurrent of sizzling passion, determination and pure love. It’s the stuff dreams are made off right!?

When we had a chat to Mahina at the Hurley Australian Open it was one of those blow away moments when you have to kick yourself and realise you’re having a conversation with a 16 year old who may one day be the World Champ. After listening the maturity and clarity of Mahina you’ll get it…


Mahina is supported by Hurley, Dakine, Pyzel Surfboards, Boardstix, Cobain Footwear and Mr Zogs Sex Wax

Mahina Maeda

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