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With Madi Quinn

There are a small group of nomads who take the early years of their twenties to chase the endless Summer. Madi Quinn is one of these lucky few. Madi is a lifeguard and spends Summer with waves on Dee Why beach in Australia and then… um … Summer in Destin, Florida in the USA where there are not many waves at all. Either way, 22 year-old Madi is a deed set born and bread water baby living the mermaid dream.

Madi is our latest Society contributor so we thought we’d find out a little more about her…

Where’s your home break? Dee Why on Sydney’s Northern beaches

You’re a natural on a board what’s in your quiver? I have almost everything from my 5’3 Dick Van Stralen twin fin to my 9’1 O’donnell longboard, some highlights in between are my little JS revolution and the old school single fin my brother found in the council clean up!

You and the sea, what’s the best thing about it? Nothing beats an epic day of waves with your friends and loads of sunshine!!!!! But lately (because of my location in Florida) that has been replaced with a lot of diving and snorkelling.

Your favourite place to surf? I have a few favourites, but I guess I can’t go past my home break, Dee Why Point, with a southerly swell, it is epic, big right hand point break with a few different take off spots and it’s actually a bit difficult to master if you don’t know what your doing. Was cool to watch the girls on the WCT try and surf it when there was a stop there.

What’s your earliest memory of being at the beach or surfing? The thing I remember most about surfing when I was little, was that I would always surf my little foamy, and all the boys would beg me to get on a proper board, (I thought I was ripping on it) haha so I guess around the age of 9 or 10 I gave in and started using one of my brothers hand me downs.

Everyone’s got something quirky about them… I have been known to have conversations in my sleep…

We’re in Winter, you’re in Summer what’s going down north of the Equator?  At the moment I’m sitting on the beach, in a lifeguard truck. Something different… Ha. Destin is a city that sits on the Gulf of Mexico, tourists from all over the country, flock here to get their summer fix. It’s beautiful, clear blue water, white sand it’s just lacking one thing…WAVES!

For the past few years I have been lifeguarding the summer at home then coming here and lifeguarding, this year after a big summer on the beach at home, I decided just to come and “vacay” as the yanks call it. It’s epic, training, partying, finding waves when I can, exploring the amazing amounts of sea life and of course catching up with friends. I also race for Destin beach safety which keeps things interesting… Just living the dream really!

What do you want to be doing in 5 years?I want to be a firefighter! Doesn’t everyone!? Because you know what that means… time to surf and an awesome lifestyle!


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Madi Quin

Madi quinn

madi quinn

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