Lydie Soulé Wins 2015 French Surf Masters Event

21st June 2015

Lydie Soulé is the new Champion of the French Surf Masters over 35s event held this weekend at Bidart, south of Biarritz.

Congratulations to the ladies who surfed in some pleasant 2-3 foot conditions with an off-shore breeze.

Lyndie displayed a high level or critical manoeuvres to place herself ahead of Véronique and Isabelle in the finals.

She said after her win “I’m really happy with my win today, It was a great event and I’m happy to have my little boy watching on the beach.” Lydie comes from the Mediterranean and commented that the she needed to run home for a hot shower with the cold Atlantic currents.


1. Lydie Toche Soulé (Lecques Energy Club, paca) 11,67 pts
2. Véronique Hayon (SC Sardines, Paca) 8,06 pts
3. Isabelle froidefond (FFS) 4,84 pts

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