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With Lucy Lowe

Lucy Lowe is not just a surfer, she’s a singer/songwriter and has an amazing acoustic voice and velvet sound. She joins The Mermaid Society as a contributor this week so we spoke to her about her music and surfing to introduce her to you…

Lucy grew up in Sydney surfing Curl Curl and Avalon Beaches with her brothers. Her first memory of surfing was when she was 6, you know when your dad tells you its ok but you’re looking up at the waves thinking otherwise!? Still frothing, your’ll find Lucy on her Luke Short Designs (LSD) board cruising the coast for a nice fun beachie.

What’s your first memory of the beach/ swimming in the ocean and also surfing? My first memory of the beach was when I was being taught to surf by my dad on a foam board when I was around 6 years old. It was up north at Avoca Beach and I was pretty terrified because we were out the back trying to catch full waves. In the end I went back out on my own and caught the tiny white wash waves and had the best time!

What does the sea mean to you? The sea to me is therapy and a necessity. It has the ability to calm my mind and remind me of the simpler pleasures in life. Its one of the things that is, and will always be able to make me happy and relax me, weather that’s surfing, swimming or just watching the waves.

When did you decide singing is your thing?I don’t think there was really ever a moment, I’ve been singing and writing songs since I can remember, and it’s just something I always knew I wanted to keep doing.

Describe your music and sound…I would say it’s on the folk side at the moment. I’m still figuring out where I want my sound to go, but at the moment its got a folky pop feel to it.

What is your favourite time of day? I love sunset, you can never beat watching the sun go down wherever you are. Dusk is also an amazing time of day, it always seems pretty peaceful.

What is your fave break? I’ve surfed at a few places, Curl Curl or Avalon would be my beach of choice on the Northern Beaches. I really enjoy Avoca and Byron Bay also. I love surfing in Bali, and I’ve surfed quite a few breaks around there, but my favourite break would have to be Airport Left’s in Bali, Indonesia. The waves are absolutely perfect and are also so consistent!

What board did you first use? My first fibreglass board was a pink West surfboard with flowers all over it, it was amazing! I’ve may have progressed since then… at the moment I’m riding a 5’11 Luke Short Designs (LSD) board 

Where do you see yourself and your singing career? I’d like to be able to record and perform original songs in the future, but that’s not the only path I would take. I’d like to get into the production and recording side of music and to really understand the process of making a recording. But the artists the influence my music would be Bon Iver, James Vincent McMorrow, Matt Corby, Taj Mahal, Simon and Garfunkel, City and colour and so many more. If I could record with one artist it would probably be Bon Iver, he’s the artist that I respect and admire the most at the moment. The way he uses vocal harmonies and layering is definitely something to envy as a composer.

If you could do an acoustic set anywhere and with anyone where and who would it be with? I’d probably want to perform on the English countryside somewhere with Matt Corby

What’s on your iPod at the moment? There’s a bit of everything on my iPod, I love everything from acoustic stuff from soul to metal to jazz to house, it doesn’t really matter what the genre is really! But at the moment my top 5 would be in no order:

  • The Pixies- Hey
  • Otis Redding- Hard To Handle
  • Matt Corby- Lay You Down
  • Norah Jones- Turn Me On
  • The Kinks- All Day and All of the Night


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