Los Cabos Open of Surf


Monday 16th is the start of the Los Cabos Open of Surf in Mexico. This event stop is #8 on the Women’s Qualifying Series  (QS) Tour for 2014 and a crucial event for some of the Championship Tour (CT) surfers to get points and stay on the CT for 2015. It is also a chance for QS surfers to make their mark and work their way into the CT for 2015.

The event is being held in San Jose del Cabo, Baja Sur, Mexico in the Gulf of California. The current sea temperature is a balmy 26 degrees Celsius so there will be no shortage of teeny weeny bikinis especially with Alana Blanchard and Anastasia Ashley competing. Surfline reports that the conditions on Monday will be west to shoulder high with a SSE wind. Ideal conditions for the area are a South swell with NW winds.

The wave at “Zippers in Costa Azul is mainly a right point Beach break, it breaks best on a solid south swell and a medium tide, it has it best shape at 4 to 5 foot, the bottom is sand over boulders.” (watch out Nikki!!!)

Expect to see Nikki Van Dijk back in the water after her injury withdrawal from the Fiji Pro as well as Silvana Lima fighting for her place back on tour. As well we will see a number of Aussie girls including Skye Burgess from Wollongong who is returning from injury, Codie Klein, Stephanie Single, The Coffey sisters, and a whole lot more.

Good luck to everyone and stay tuned for update from Skye Burgess live from Mehhico.



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