Los Cabos Open Day 2 Report with Skye Burgess


Written by Skye Burgess (in Mexico)

The Los Cabos Open of Surf at Zippers Beach in Mexico started off fun little waves on the Monday, beginning with the boys Round 1. Tuesday again saw 3-4ft pumping waves all day with Round 2 of the men being held. We have 11 hour days so we can get through 24 heats each day which is massive.

Day 3 came around and the surf was looking so much fun, wishful thinking that the girls would get to run for a day, but the first round of Women was held in the morning, with Mahina Maeda from Hawaii even get a perfect 10 point ride. 6 heats out of the way and the boys round 3 is put on and girls finished for the day.

Day 4 of competition we saw the boys get a lay day and Round of 48 on for the girls was on. The swell had dropped, wind was light early but after 2 heats the wind came up straight onshore and made the conditions very difficult. 1-2ft dribbley waves detoriated with the incoming tide and saw the judges increase the time limit to 30 minute heats. The event was called off after this round for the day and will be back to start up at 8am tomorrow morning with the forecast showing a increasingly better conditions for the rest of the week.

Aussie girls, Phillipa Anderson, WCT tour rookie Dimity Stoyle, Ellie-Jean Coffey and WCT surfer Laura Enever all won their round 2 heats. Round 3 heats to watch will be Heat 3 Dimity Stoyle Vs. Nikki Van Dijk and Heat 5 Ellie-Jean Coffey Vs. Georgia Fish.

There has also been a new change in the system with a 4-Man Priority system coming into place for both men and women. At a break such as this on a little point break and smaller conditions it was a great new process which made it a little more fair for all competitors instead of having to hassle all heat and get caught out of position. Although it didn’t really help me in the end, with 20 seconds to go I had second priority and the girl that needed a score had first priority and a wave came through and I couldn’t do anything about it and got knocked out. But that’s okay… I’m in Mexico and its hot and now its time to go get some waves!

Stay tuned for Skye’s finals update over the weekend and follow her adventures on FACEBOOK.

Skye travelling the US and European leg of the World Qualifying Tour and is proudly supported by Big Fat Smile, Carve Visionaries, Carabine Surf Design, Zion Wetsuits. (Thanks to Pines Surfing Academy for Skye’s profile shot)

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