Local Dax McGill Wins Sunset Beach Pro Junior in Hawaii in Brilliant Conditions

North Shore’s Dax McGill (Sunset Beach) has won the Sunset Beach Pro Junior Women’s on the North Shore of Oahu with a powerful performance in firing 6-8 foot surf and the highest heat score of the event. Runner-up after a spirited exchange that included two tube rides was Honolua Blomfield (Haleiwa, HI); Summer MacEdo (Maui, HI) was third; and Brisa Hennessy (Kailua, HI) fourth.

The event showcased some of the the Pacific regions best junior surfers many under the age of 16 but showing more competitive edge and super skills than anyone older than them.

The final scoreline showed 16.5 points out of 20 for McGill’s top two waves (8.83, 7.67); 10.83 for Blomfield (6.0, 4.83); 4.66 for MacEdo (4.23, 0.43); and 4.13 for Hennessy (3.0, 1.13).

Just 16 years of age, McGill is garnering a lot of attention as one of Hawaii’s emerging stars in professional surfing. Today’s conditions required a true depth of experience and courage, confirming her ability at one of the most challenging and technical surfing conditions on the planet. Her performance today was world class and bodes well for her future.

Honolua Bloomfield makes a smooth transition at Sunset Junior Pro

Young Dax said after her win… “I finished second here last year, so it feels so good to win… Ultimately my goal is to qualify for the Women’s Championship Tour and win a world title, but for now I just want to score some great waves and get the experience.”

World SUP Champ Izzi Gomez also made a good dent in the event making it through to the quarter finals showing off her multi-dicipline talents in some pretty perfect bomb sets.  Honolua Blomfield, 16, is another multi-skilled water woman who is better known internationally for her longboard surfing prowess, having won the 2013 women’s ISA World Junior Longboard Title. But her experience in solid Hawaiian surf on all styles of surfboard make her an ever-present threat.

Summer MacEdo, 14, and Brisa Hennessy, 15, were equally impressive today and earned major respect for their performances in the solid surf against some amazingly high level competition.


1. Dax McGill (HAW) – 16.5 points – $900, 1000 points
2. Honolua Blomfield (HAW) – 10.83 – $400, 750 points
3. Summer MacEdo (HAW) – 4.66 – $160, 560 points
4. Brisa Hennessy (HAW) – 4.13 – $140, 525 points

Results and words from World Surf League

Dax McGill wins Sunset Beach Pro

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