Grace Doyle Kandui Resort

From Ireland To An Island & A Mermaid’s Paradise – The Grace Doyle Files


Grace Doyle is from Tramore, south-east of Ireland. It’s no tropical surf destination, but it gets some pretty epic swells whipped up from the mighty North Atlantic Ocean. In July, during the European summer the 28-year-old school teacher took herself off to Kandui Resort for a job post that was advertised on Facebook. So, this was no ordinary surf trip, this was proper island life. When the girl from Ireland landed on the island, she didn’t see her shoes for two months and dined on things like local grubs and food off the land. 

Grace said “I went over to be a school teacher to the resort owner’s three kids, eight, six and five years old. We converted part of a games room into a classroom and I homeschooled the kids five days a week. Living in one of the world’s best surf resorts does have it’s perks, even for the kids. Grace said “We surfed before and after school and sometimes during extended lunch breaks, depending on how good the waves were. I loved surfing with the eight-year-old, Dylan, who rips and is sponsored by Hurley. I really enjoyed teaching the kids.”

Kandui Resort is part of the Mentawai Islands in Indonesia, in the ‘Playgrounds’ area. Grace said she was lucky enough to spend a lot of time at the infamous breaks like Rifles, Bankvaults, Hideaways, Ebay, Baby Kandui, A Frames, Being Being, Four Bobs, and Nipussi. 

“I definitely think my confidence and ability in bigger waves has improved out of sight. My barrel riding alone is better purely because the consistently of hollower, barrelling waves so was good and there were so many to practice on.” Said Grace. “I learnt a lot about different types and shapes of boards too because I met so many different surfers coming and going from the resort. They all surfed such different boards and it made me look to making a few changes to my quiver for when I return.”

All island dreams come to an end at some point, and when Grace returned to Ireland she hopped straight off the place and into the Irish National Surfing Titles, to which she took home a second place.

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