Ladies united by the sea. A story of connection


Story by Emma-Jane Eeles

As I sit by the pandanus tree watching 6ft sets rolling through the point on a windy and overcast winter afternoon my mind wanders off to a sunny crisp autumn morning…….

I pull my car into the carpark on a warm autum morning. The sun is shining brightly and I can see perfect little waves rolling over the sandbar. This little beach has become a favourite of mine on my journeys northbound. It is protected from the southerly winds and the sand at low tide gives the water a crystal clear luminous glow as the swell rolls in. Today the waves are clear and fun. I look out and see a group of ladies smiling and enjoying the day.

I take my board from the roof of my car and onto my head and I walk to the rocks. Walking into the water I can already sense that i am about to experience something magical and unique. As I paddle out and approach the lineup I see a beautiful 2ft peeler heading my way. I start to paddle and as I take off I hear a voice calling out ‘Woo! Go yeah! Woo!’ Encouraging me the whole wave. The feeling of this wave is incredible and I look down to see fish riding along with me.

Photo by Fitzy Images David Fitzpatrick

Photo by Fitzy Images David Fitzpatrick

I paddle back out and the first thing I see is a big beaming smile. She introduces herself as Nat and from that moment and I realise that the universe has placed me here in this moment to connect with not only Nat but a group of ladies who have been united by the sea. We surf that day for hours together and over the next 7 weeks I am to be blessed by these women with a deep friendship . We share our stories, we laugh, we cry and we share our deepest and darkest secrets, trusting each other implicitly. Never have I been blessed until now to know and love a group of sea ladies who are so open and honest.

Photo: Fitzys Images David Fitzpatrick

Photo: Fitzys Images David Fitzpatrick

The sea does that to you. Her ever changing moods, her ebb and flow teach you to go with whatever comes your way, not only in the surf, but in life. As women, I believe our in ate intuition and our sense of respect honours us in the waves. We learn to appreciate not only the forces of nature but ourselves and each other. I believe that the sea encourages us to grow and to learn, as women, as friends and as individuals. I believe that the sea united me to my sea sistas that day and to her salty shores I will be forever grateful for the friendships I have made and the hearts that captured mine.


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