Kelia Moniz Longboards Teahupo’o The World’s Heaviest Wave… does she survive?

Kelia Moniz is at it again. Grabbing international attention for some gnarly-graceful surfing. This time she’s in Tahiti at the world’s heaviest wave where wipe-outs are death-defying and terrifying. Not for the faint-hearted and you wouldn’t think for the long boarder either. But, there she was… cruising down the line of a solid 15 foot wave that crunches its victims onto one of the most shallow reefs you could fathom.


Check out the Stab edit and be mesmerised by the intensity that is becoming ‘next-level’ women’s surfing.

Produced by Todd Saunders
Directed by Vincent Kardasik
Shot by Arthur Bourbon and Vincent Kardasik
Edited and graded by


Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 8.13.48 pm

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