Katie Williams Runs fast and Loves her Filtrate Sunnies

Katie Williams for Filtrate Eyewear copyright Bangalley Creative

Katie wears Filtrate RAW BLISS

Katie Williams is about to turn 21 and can run faster than a lot of people, in fact she runs faster than most people on sand which is bloody hard. She’s a true mermaid living her whole life on the beach and in the water. She’s been involved with Surf Life Saving since she was a little nipper and has been the Australian beach sprint and flags champion for a number of years.

Besides being one of the country’s top athletes on the beach she’s got a smile that could kill and a personality that lights up an already bright Winters day. We caught up with Katie down at Newport beach NSW with a pumping 4 foot surf behind us to talk all things running, study, work and play and to discuss the amazing eco-friendly range of Filtrate Eyeware RAW sunglasses collection. (See below to win a pair of Filtrate Sunnies)

What’s happening in the world of Katie Williams right now? I’m studying at UTS in Sydney a degree in Exercise and Sports Management on a sports scholarship, it’s such a good course and I’m really lucky to have won the scholarship this year. When I’m not at uni or studying I’m working at my parents shop or at training and when I get a second I jump in for a surf. My Al Merrick 5’8 board lives in my car but unfortunately sometimes it doesn’t see the surf for weeks at a time. It doesn’t help that my sport is leg and sand based, I wish I had more time in the water but am so lucky I get to live and train at the beach.

Training is being ramped up at the moment in the lead up to the World Champs in France in August. I missed out on being on the Australian team but I’m going to compete as an individual anyway. It will be an awesome experience to go to France to compete in Surf Life Saving events and it’s always so much fun competing against the rest of the world not just the best of Australia.

Katie Williams

Talk us through typical training for a beach sprint champ? Track sessions includes a 15 minute warmup with a variety of sprint drills, and run throughs running at 70-80% pace. A typical off season session would included numerous 145m sprints and or 120m all timed and with a perfectly timed recovery, this kind of session is to work on speed endurance. Pre Season with about 2 months until competition the sessions will change and include alot more short distance training and to work on speed and reaction time, an example would be 80m, 60m and plenty of block starts for an explosive 20-30m.

You’ve been a Filtrate Eyewear Advocate for a couple of years now… why do you love them? They are a really honest brand. They started out in Western Australia and are expanding the business through the United States and the world but have a base here in Sydney too. The thing I love about them is their sincerity is conveyed in their products, they are top of the line quality in the frames and lenses and more than half the really expensive brands prices. Sunglasses are such an essential for me being on the beach some days for over 12 hours so I need a really good quality lens and frame. It’s so important for Aussies to protect their eyes from the sun all year round because we live such outside lives!!!

What about the lens glass quality people want to know whether it is comparable to the bigger brands..? The lenses are top end CR-39 lens. CR stands for Columbian Resin – it’s a material that’s very high abrasion resistance, that’s good for people who are on the beach with sand and keys scratching everything… they are also half the weight of glass and of course they are 100% UV.

Katie Williams for Filtrate Eyewear copyright Bangalley Creative

Katie wears the Filtrate RAW VERSE Smoke Lens

We (The Mermaid Society) want to endorse surf products that are good for the environment without sacrificing quality of a product the RAW range seems to knock that on the head! Yeah I LOVE the RAW range I wear mine everywhere, they go with everything! The thing I love the most is they feel so great to touch and on your face. To get technical the material (Cellulose Acetate) used to make the frames is petroleum free (unlike many other top of the line brands), so they are resin basically made from cotton and plant fibres which is awesome.

The colours of the frames are a matte and look so slick. The look is amazing because there is no paint involved in the process which is also a plus for the environment and your the skin on your face… Especially good if you get allergies from paints or petroleum. They are such a unique look but also right on trend with some great classic styles.

Where do you want to take your running? what’s next? Worlds in France in September is my next big competition but as for the future, it’s unknown for me. I am still at Uni and working on my own business, but like it that way, as long as I have 2 working legs I will never stop running! I have so much passion for health and fitness I want to educate others on the power of diet and exercise, and how proper nutrition and physical activity help people not just physically but also mentally.

Who else supports you as an athlete? I’m so lucky to be supported by ON footwear, HIVE Swimwear, Endura, Stickit Wax Loca Sportswear and Filtrate Eyewear



filtrate eyewear logoTo celebrate these amazing eco and skin friendly Filtrate Eyewear RAW sunglasses we are giving away a pair to a Mermaid Society lover LIKE US on INSTAGRAM AND send us a photo of their local beach or themselves surfing/enjoying the water and a short description of your favourite break/beach. (If you don’t live at the beach get creative!!) Please email entries with your name to [email protected]

Entries open to anyone anywhere in the world. Entries close 30th July. Winner will be chosen by The Mermaid Society Contributors and announced in the first week of August 2014. All entries must be the entrants own original work, any work that is in violation of copyright will not be considered.


Katie Williams for Filtrate Eyewear copyright Bangalley Creative

Katie wears the Filtrate RAW GALLOWAY

Filtrate competition


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