Just a Quick Nose Ride with the Dirtnap at Wategoes by Roisin Carolan



The month I’ve been riding the McTavish Surfboard ‘Dirtnap longboard.

The Dirtnap is 9 foot 3 inches and is 22 1/2” inches one foot from the nose and  2 3/4” inches one foot from the tail. It’s made for a rider between 50 – 65KG.

It’s kind of an all round log, I love it! It’s perfect for Wategos Beach here in Byron Bay.  It nose rides really well and turns a lot better than my other logs.

I’ve found it’s quite traditional in the rails and the nose, and the best part about it is that you can use it when the waves get a bit bigger  unlike a lot of logs and nose riders which are really made for just 1-2 foot, the versatility is great!!

Check out my little GoPro clip from this morning’s slide…

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