Jordie ‘Magic’ Mercer Counts Down to the Molokai World Paddle Championships

Jordie ‘Magic’ Mercer has been working harder than ever to prepare her mind and body for the 2015 Molokai to Oahu 42 kilometre World Paddleboard Championships on 26th July.

This is not just your run of the mill distance race, it’s one of the most challenging channel crossings in the world. It’s a prone or SUP paddle race with the start line on the island of Molokai crossing the Ka’iwi Channel known as the “Channel of Bones” and finishing on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

The channel is extremely unpredictable even for the most experienced watermen and women. Swells up to 30 foot have been recorded and the currents are extreme and can throw you hundreds of meters off course. Famous Hawaiian waterman and big wave surfer Eddie Aikau lost his life in the channel after attempting to rescue crew mates when their ship sank on a crossing.

Jordan Mercer photo by Red Bull Content Pool

Jordan Mercer photo by Red Bull Content Pool

Jordie has had a tough season competing in the Australian Ironwoman Series where she has been tested in a series of short and long course multi-dicipline events including swimming, board paddle and surf ski. Although not gaining the results she hoped for she’s refocused on achieving and bettering her Molokai World Championship tally which currently stands at 4 titles. If Jordie completes this crossing with equal determination she will take home a 5th World Title.

“At the moment I’m putting in the hard yards to make the 5th win a possibility” Jordie says “I’m really happy with y board and I’m looking forward to getting over to Hawaii at the end of July. My whole family is joining me this time so I want to give them something to celebrate.”

Many of us cannot imagine the time and dedication, the sweat and tears that would go into the preparation of a crossing and world title such as this. For Jordie she loves the challenge and appreciates that the roller coaster ride of emotions and physical boundary pushing is so much sweeter at the end.

Jordan Mercer photo by Red Bull Content Pool

Jordan Mercer photo by Red Bull Content Pool

“Each year I try to keep my mistakes and successes in my mind to reflect and improve but mentally it’s a full on game. The task ahead is HUGE. You’d think it would get easier each year but it’s doesn’t. I try to have positivity flowing from my body and to take one day at a time. I know that with the level that I’m pushing my body there are going to be days when I won’t be feeling 100%.”

[blockquote type=”3″ author=”Jordie”]I know there is no easy road to any place that’s worth going.[/blockquote]

In 2015 Jordie will have a fellow Ironwoman Maddy Dunn competing against her to win the title, Jordie said that Maddy has made it very clear that she’s going to Molokai to win the title but she is excited by the challenge and that the sport is growing every year with some amazingly talented athletes coming into the game.

In her fastest time Jordie paddled the channel in 5 hours and 23 minutes on her 2nd win. As a 21 year old she will attempt to smash this time and take a 5th title with the help of a little Red Bull on the home stretch. As we wondered whether Red Bull would in fact ‘give her wings’ she said “At the end of a nearly 6 hour race all you need is a hit of sugar and caffeine and the Red Bull is perfect and gives me that burst of energy I need to bring me home.”

In her down time, Jordie has been working on making her first hand plane that she can’t wait to take out and glide down the waves with. Not that this super mermaid needs any help catching waves.

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Jordan Mercer photo by Red Bull Content Pool

Jordan Mercer photo by Red Bull Content Pool


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