Joana Shenker Wins Final APB Event at Nazaré and Portugese Championship

Nazaré is known for it’s mammoth swells where the big wave surfers head to to break world records and surf the biggest waves on the planet. Last weekend it wasn’t so big and the some of the world’s best female bodyboarders took to the 6-8 foot swell in the last event of a total of 7 national tour events in Portugal. Joana Shenker has been having a great year on the national and international tour and says  “This event was the last “prime” event where only the 4 top ranked girls in Portugal could enter.” 


She says “The conditions where epic, 2,5 m perfect offshore rights and lefts, some hard paddling, but all girls did very well in the hard conditions. Probably the best waves I have ever seen in competitions.” Such great news for the girls to have the opportunity to show off everything they could in the chase for the national title. 

Joana had a double win in this event leading into Nazaré she was leading the Portuguese National Tour and with these points has also taken the event for the 2nd year. Congratulations to Joana on such a successful year of amazing bodyboarding.


1st place – Joana Schenker – 14,15 points
2nd place – Marta Fernandes – 12,05 points
3rd place – Teresa Duarte – 7,25 points
4th place – Teresa Almeida 4.75 points

Nazaré womens finalists

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