Who Is Joana Schenker?

(Top Photo by Francisco Pinheiro)

It was just last week that Joana Schenker took out a win in Casablanca on the European Bodyboard Pro Tour and as a result also took the European Championship. Joana has been running on a high since also winning the Miss Sumol Cup last month in France. 2014 is an exciting year for the German-Portugese mermaid and we can’t wait to see how far she can take her performance in the last events of the year.

After first riding the whitewater in Algarve in south Portugal at 13 years old, Joana has put her heart and soul into her bodyboarding. Now this amazing 27 year old is making her mark on the bodyboarding tours and scoring big points in each event she enters. 

Here’s what Joana had to say to The Mermaid Society this week – still glowing from the high of her win. 

Joana Schenker wins Casablanca Bodyboard ProHow does it feel to be the new European Champion winning 2 out of 3 events? It’s the best feeling, I have been competing in the European Tour for many years and taking the title was one of my goals in competition…so I feel really accomplished right now.

What were the conditions like for the final of the Casablanca Pro? The conditions were a little tricky, 1 meter rights and lefts with side shore wind, and there were not too many good waves coming in. The other girls did quite well. I only took the lead of the final towards the end of the heat when I got my highest scoring wave.

What moves did you pull off in the final to secure your big scores? I just did a 6 point roll in the beginning and towards the end of the final a bigger roll which scored 8 points…it wasn’t easy to find good scoring waves.

What’s next for you? The last few months have been very busy for me, with many competitions, so right now I just want to enjoy the moment and keep focused for the last contest in the Portuguese National Tour, which I am leading.

Where is your home break? I live in Sagres, the most South West point of Europe in the South of Portugal. We have lots of good waves!

Joana is proudly supported by the Mayor’s Office of Vila do Bispo, Science Bodyboards, Dakine, and Surfplanet Sagres Shop.

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