Is This The Best Feeling On Earth? Sharkira Westdorp Takes On Teahupo’o


Video by Matty Schweitzer

Last week Shakira Westdorp headed out to Tahiti from her home in Queensland on a surf trip that included a catalogue shoot for her sponsor Starboard. It was the Australian champion stand-up paddler’s first time to Tahiti and after this wave, it really lived up to its reputation for perfect waves.

Staying right near the famous and deadly big wave reef spot, Teahupo’o, Shakira has had the opportunity to take both her SUP and surfboards out to explore the wave.

“I paddled out my shortboard that morning to warm up and get some confidence before SUPping.” Said, Shakira. “The first wave I ate it. The second wave I had to straighten out and the third was the wave of the day!

“The barrel was so wide and the view was just like you see in the photos. Looking out of the barrel to the mountains was incredible and surreal. I had serious froth on my serious froth on. It was an amazing feeling.”

After living the dream on her shortboard she transitioned over to her SUP where she got some great waves but also admits to getting gobbled up but the wave as well.

“I love surfing new places.” Said, Shakira. “I love warm water destinations and it’s so beautiful here in Tahiti.”

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