Introducing the Free Surf World Bodyboard Championship 2015


This year we are about to see a brand new competition format in the bodyboard world. Free Surf Bodyboarding (FSB) is the new organisation that represents free surfing worldwide and have taken the innovative approach to create a 8 month free surf series tour to showcase some crazy, remote and raw wave locations world wide, where bodyboarding belongs. The selection and results are thrown back to you, the voter, the sports fanatic. Your votes count and will decide the winner of each of the 6 events covering as many continents.

Here’s the schedule…

Europe(Includes Canary and Atlantic Islands) January
North America(Includes Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and Hawaii) February
Australia Pacific(Queensland and New South Wales) April
Australia Indian(Includes WA, SA, Victoria, Tasmania and Asia) June
Africa(Includes Indian Ocean Islands) July
South America(Including Tahiti, Samoa,  New Zealand and South Pacific Islands) August


20 of the world’s best bodyboarders will take part in each event which include 10 invitees, the best from each continent as well as 5 voted as favourite riders and 5 sponsor nominated riders. 

The event format runs by giving the riders 1 month to search, surf and film the most amazing waves that region has to offer. They will produce a 1 minute highlight clip of their best rider during the month and that clip will be aired on where you/the audience and a 5 person expert judging panel of local legends and World Tour judges will decide a winner.

Each vote will cost $4.99 (USD) which is split half towards the nominated rider and half into the total prize pool. It’s a great way to support the sport you love and the bodyboarders who work their guts out for a sport they love to compete in.

The European event has already started but there are no girls in the line up!

Check out the event schedule and make sure you get your favourite female bodyboarders in the action, nominate them and get them into the action.

How FAN WILD CARDS WORK: If you think you or any of your friends have what it takes to mix it up with the best at #FSBFANWILDCARD to any of your social media bodyboarding photos or video from the past 12 months. The fans along with an expert panel will decide 1 week before the event who, from the social media world, has earned the right to take on the world’s best.

Remember you must be able to film and surf around the continent during the dates of the month listed on the schedule.


Sam and Teigan Gillett

Sam and Teigan Gillett

souf photography - Isabela Sousa

Souf Photography – Isabela Sousa

lilly pollard

Lilly Pollard

Joana Shenker

Joana Shenker

Alexandra Rinder Photo by Motivación 3

Alexandra Rinder Photo by Motivación 3

emma cobb

Emma Cobb

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