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EVENT: Inaugural Women’s World Series Event Is Set To GO!



Kiama is about to host the best bodyboarders in the world and you can see them live. The Association of Professional Bodyboarding (APB) has announced this week that world tour bodyboarding will return to Australia as part of the 2018 series. It’s been five years since a pro tour event has been held in Australia as the resurgence continues to gain momentum in the land down under.

The event that has just been given the go-ahead, is expected to bring over 100 athletes and hundreds of spectators and visitors to the NSW South Coast region during the period that is also home to surfings prestigious World Junior Championships.

It’s also hoped that bringing all the top athletes in the world to the Bodyboard Slam will inspire a whole new generation of bodyboarders to push themselves to the next level in the sport, especially in Australia.

Pipe Pro champion and former world tour athlete Lilly Pollard is beyond excited to have the event confirmed.

“I’m just so stoked. The last time we had a women’s event in Australia was in 2007. It was in Queensland and we had all the top women in the world here. It was amazing for all the young girls to be there and see their heroes and top level and get psyched. We expect to see that happen again.

“The Kiama area is the best place to have it because there are some really amazing waves and lots of great spots and opportunities to explore. I spend a lot of time down there, so I’m looking forward to taking all the girls out on the lay-days and showing them around some of the other spots in the area.

“The women will be competing at Kiama specifically, where the men will have the chance to have a mobile event to get different waves. But, there are some world-class waves that appear when the conditions are right for Kiama.”

Expect to see multiple times world champions make their way to the land downunder in their world title campaigns. The likes of Alexandra Rinder, Joana Schenker, Isabela Sousa, Neymara Calvarho as well as Japanese superstars Sari Ohhara and Ayaka Susuki will most likely make the trip.

The Kiama Bodyboard Slam waiting period will be from 30th July to 9th August 2018 as stop three on the five-event world tour series for the men and stop number two for the women. We can’t wait to see the best women in the world light up such a beautiful part of the NSW coastline.

Find out more on the APB website

*Photo below Bombo Beach, Kiama and the South Coast by The Mermaid Society. 

Catarina Sousa at the Sintra Pro 2013

Catarina Sousa, photo by Red Bull Content Pool

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