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With Madi Quinn

Destin (Florida), they call it “The worlds luckiest fishing village” the more I explore this place the more I start to believe it. Life in Destin revolves around the ocean, and that is why I continue to return, wether it’s surfing, swimming, snorkelling, diving, SUP-ing, fishing, boating or eating…Everyone is doing something in or around the water. This attracts tourists from all over.

The only difference between here and the ocean lifestyle that we know in Australia, is that majority of people that visit here are from landlocked areas, or have not been brought up being taught to swim or are not aware of the dangers of the ocean. That is where the lifeguards of Destin Beach safety come into play. Having worked here previously myself, I can say these lifeguards are a necessity to this area, lifeguards work 8 months of the year and are constantly training and improving their skills.

People party here on the beach all day, (yes they can drink alcohol on the beach) then attempt to swim in the ocean, two things they really have no idea about, it makes for an interesting day at work to say the least.

The beach here is beautiful, white sand crystal clear water and sometimes I find myself questioning if we really are at the bottom of America, isn’t there just big cliff drops like we have in the great Australian bite?

destin florida madi quin surfs

Hotels line the beach here, kind of like a Gold coast scene right on the beach, each hotel has their own beach service, they set up chairs and umbrellas for the tourists, sell snow cones, alcohol and food. You have everything at your finger tips. The tourists froth on renting jet skis and going parasailing… two things that make me cringe every time I see them.

There are plenty of amazing places to eat, especially with the large amounts of fresh seafood, you can’t go past Harbour Docks sushi, my favourite Mexican is Cantina Loredo or for a quick option burrito del sol in Ft Walton, another rad restaurant just on the scene is Bric a Brac as the names states you can get a range of amazing meals.

destin florida wild bills

There is one place after a big session in the ocean that you cant go past, this place for me has so many memories and fun times, Fuji Sushi! All you can eat sushi, it is a sushi buffet that also has dessert!!! It is actually out of control!!!

I could talk all day about the out of control food around here but, one last place… Drive through Krispy Kreme, they have a sign out the front letting you know when the doughnuts are hot…INSANE. If you drive past any night of the week the drive through line is wrapped around the whole shop and the shop inside is packed like sardines, all for some warm doughnuts.

destin florida star fish

Back to the ocean – I can honestly guarantee you anywhere you swim you will see some sort of fish. I start everyday training with the Destin Beach Safety lifeguards and we see crazy amounts of different fish; starfish, stingrays, turtles, hundreds of fish and the odd shark. There are jetty’s that are located at the opening to the harbour, which make amazing spots for snorkelling and diving.

destin florida fish

There’s one last place in Destin that can’t go unmentioned, Crab Island. People had told me about this place before I came to Destin for the first time and I just couldn’t understand, every time I go there I still cant understand how its legal but ill take it. Its kind of one of those places you just have to see for yourself, but I’ll give it ago, photos will do it more justice.

It’s a sandbank, in the middle of a bay, everyone drives their boats and anchor in waste deep water then they… PARTY. Everyone is stocked up with food and drinks for the whole day, there’s Dj’s out there, there’s people selling food, there’s a blow up slide and much more. If you have a pet, that’s welcome too… We’ve seen some strange animals out there; snakes, rabbits, cats and dogs.

This is just a little glimpse of my adventures in Destin, If you ever get a chance to visit this beautiful place make sure you jump on it.

destin florida lifeguard chair


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  • rickjaw25

    February 27, 2015

    All places in Destin like shopping, movies,restaurants, dining,museums,beaches are very fabuolous and enthusiastic. The food is very delicious in Destin Florida. I also enjoy the events which is organised in Destin are tremendous and enjoyed alot. No doubt the places are cool and mesmerising view steal everyone’s hearts. I enjoyed there with my family and friends. So i love all places in florida.

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