HIF Victorian Longboard Titles Results Round 1

18th April 2015

Round 1 of the HIF Victorian Longboard Titles has been completed in absolutely perfect 2-3ft waves Point Impossible with former State Champion Molly Powell (Anglesea) taking out the Open Women’s divisions.

Open women’s winner Molly Powell said “The conditions were amazing! Clean off shore swell in the morning and was lucky enough to miss the on shore winds that came through after the final in the afternoon.”

hif victorian longboard titles round 1

Open Women’s Finalists (L-R) Sam Suederman, Morgan griggs-kennely, Emma web and Molly Powell

Molly, 23 years old from Anglesea, continued her domination of Victorian longboard surfing over the past few years by taking out the first round and setting herself up to claim a fourth consecutive state title.

Coming up against current Australian Open Women’s champion, Emma Webb (Jan Juc), Molly opened up a strong lead in the final with 6.00 and 8.17 point rides before backing it up with a 7.80 ride in the final minutes.

Molly finished on a heat total of 15.97 in front of Webb’s 14.34 heat total. Placing in third was Sam Suendermann (Anglesea) on 13.57 points with Morgan Griggs-Kennelly (Aireys Inlet) on 6.93 points.

Molly said of the final with Emma, “I find surfing against Emma amazing. She is an awesome girl to compete against and is a very experienced competitor. It’s great to learn off her. In the end we were all enjoying the uncrowded perfect surf.”

Emma Webb made her points up in the Over 35s division taking it out with solid moves to top her weekend off with a clean finish.

In the Under 18’s final Molly said “There were only 2 girls in the final, Morgan and Lucy and they have improved there surfing a lot over the last 6 months. Morgan moves a lot on the wave. In the final she also added some hang fives and strong turns to secure the higher points.”

Under 18 Girls Results:

  1. Morgan Griggs Kennelly (Aireys Inlet)
  2. Shannen Firns (Ocean Grove)

Open Women Results:

  1. Molly Powell (Anglesea)
  2. Emma Webb (Jan Juc)
  3. Sam Suendermann
  4. Morgan Griggs Kennelly (Aireys Inlet)

Over 35 Women Results:

  1. Emma Webb (Jan Juc)
  2. Heather Peck (Ocean Grove)
  3. Mel Renton-Wright (Jan Juc)
  4. Carolyn Lalor (Apollo Bay)
  5. Kate Sullivan (Anglesea)

Words and photos by Surfing in Victoria

Point Impossible perfection Photo by Surfing Victoria

Point Impossible perfection Photo by Surfing Victoria


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