Hawaii Surfing Association State Championships Results 2015

27th April 2015

Guest Contributor Mason Schremmer

The Hawaii Surfing Association State Championships was held over 3 days last week at the Ala Moana Bowl’s surf break on the South Shore of Oahu. Kids from the other islands came to the contest to be in the running to become the 2015 Hawaiian State Champion.

The surf was about 2-4 feet and pretty fun with windy conditions on Thursday and Saturday but besides that it was great surf to compete in. In the girls longboard final Tabbi Knudson scored some awesome waves. She was always on the sets doing great turns and nose rides and was very worthy of her win.

At the conclusion of this event the top 6 from each division are selected to go to the Surfing America Nationals in California in June. That is where my sisters and I will be headed for Longboard and SUP after securing our spots this week, and we’re stoked.

2015 Hawaiian State Championship Results

Girls Shortboard Under 11
1st Savanna Stone
2nd Gabbi Knudson
3rd Luana Silva
4th Angelina Yossa.

Girls 12-13 Shortboard
1st Julie Nishimoto
2nd Keala Tomoda
3rd Gabriela Bryan
4th Summer Ivy

Girls Shortboard 14-15
1st Brisa Hennessy
2nd Zoe Mcdougall

Girls Longboard Under 17 
1st Tabbi Knudson
2nd Mason Schremmer
3rd Kelta O’Rourke
4th Kelis Kaleopa’a

Girls SUP U17
1st Mason Schremmer
2nd Lola Schremmer
3rd Sally Cohen
4th Scarlett Schremmer

Open Women’s SUP
1st Mason Schremmer
2nd Shelby Schweitzer
3rd Lola Schremmer
4th Scarlett Schremmer

18-39 Women’s SUP
1st Shelby Schweitzer

The Mermaid Society congratulates Mason on her amazing double win and amazing state results. With a ridiculous maturity this little Hawaiian and her sisters are sure to make a big mark on the surf industry!

Mason Schremmer is supported by Indian Ocean Paddle Surf, Margaritaville and Mahiku Activewear.

2015 Hawaiian State Championships

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