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How To Get Your Little Kids Loving The Ocean & The Waves

Kids & Waves: Tips That Worked For Me

Story by Sally Mac

You’re a mum, aunty, grandma, cousin, friend or nanny who loves the ocean and you’ve got little kids who you want to embrace and enjoy it as much as you but you just don’t know how to go about teaching them to enjoy the water without forcing them into it. I really struggled with this for a little while despite having the mindset that I wouldn’t force my daughter into surfing or the ocean. My beautiful (nearly five year old) daughter didn’t take to the shoreline straight away like a lot of other kids and I started to worry that she just wouldn’t like the ocean. She has never been to swimming lessons but can swim in a pool confidently and competently and since I’ve implemented these tips we’ve both been enjoying our time at the beach and in the waves more than ever before.

These days she’s throwing herself into the shories and letting herself be pummeled by waves for hours. The enjoyment of being dumped and washed up by the waves is a fundamental step to her understanding the power and process of the ocean in her comfort zone.

  • Start by playing with your kids on the shoreline where there are non-threatening or fast surging waves.
  • Make sure this play is near other kids if possible. They will naturally watch and gravitate towards the confidence of other children and their skills.
  • Have toys or equipment that they can hold and manage themselves like soft-finless boards, kid-sized bodyboards etc. (Catch Surf have an awesome, stylish and fun range of foamies that you and your kids can enjoy)
  • Simply let them play and explore the shoreline and waves but be there to encourage them when they want it.
  • If they have an unexpected dumping in the shoreline, you can always get in there and let yourself get thrown around by the waves too so they laugh and see that it’s not all that bad.
  • Have other friends or family members around to be part of the play.

Do you have any tips on how you integrated the ocean and waves into your child’s life? Let us know below. 

*Please remember children should never be left unsupervised. 

The Mermaid Society

All on her own.

The Mermaid Society

Learning to play and control her equipment in the gentle, low-tide waves.

The Mermaid Society

Rae checking out her Flamingo Catch Surf Beater Board.

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