Frittata recipe by laura gonzales

The Frittata Recipe That Will Power You Up To Power On

THE UNQUANTIFIED COOK SERIES | Presented by The Free Range Butcher

With Laura Gonzales

If you knew me 15 years ago you would be shocked. I was a picky ‘vegetarian’ living on hot chips, cheese breadsticks, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the occasional carrot stick, spinach leaf, or apple thrown in for good measure. I’ve always been incredibly active and somehow this worked for me – or so I believed. When I started travelling in my late teens I got put in situations that forced me to eat food I would normally have never tried, and thus started eating a variety of different foods.

Over the years I started to become more aware of my body, the way I was fueling it, and the outcome of that. Slowly, I started to introduce animal products into my diet and found that I’d gained more energy and sustained satisfaction after meals. Now I’ve cut out (mostly) gluten and diary, because my body doesn’t react well to them – if it did I’d never give up cheese or the occasional fresh sourdough slice.

As a yoga and fitness instructor, I see hundreds of different bodies a week and I can tell you that no two are the same – physically, mentally, emotionally – so why would this be the same for nutritional needs?

We all get so caught up in labelling diets, jumping on fads, and looking at what works for other people we sometimes have trouble taking a step back and examining what actually works for us as the unique individual that we are.

This offering is going to be just that for a couple reasons:

  • ONE: I never measure when I cook, I go by feel, look, texture; it’s more intuitive.
  • TWO: How annoying is it when you have a recipe you don’t have one thing and absolutely can’t be stuffed going to the store? There’s usually no wiggle room.
  • THREE: And lastly and most importantly, LISTEN to your body. As you eat, after you eat, what is the effect of each meal? If something doesn’t work for you, change it, experiment, find a substitution.

Each week I will be providing you with inspiration, ideas, and a base to expand and develop your own favourite dishes. I will provide a rough idea of amounts, ingredients, and method but the specifics are completely up to you. How exciting!

One key to this all is to understand the why. Why is this good for me, why am I eating this?

Frittata recipe by laura gonzales

Breakfast is non-negotiable for me. I don’t know how people function without it. I teach lots of early classes and am always on the go, so I need something that I can take with me and something that satisfies. For me, I can’t eat fruit or sweet breakfasts in the morning.

This is my go-to frittata and my favourite way to make it, but there are so many possibilities with this dish. The only real non-negotiable item is eggs for obvious reasons. I use organic, free-range eggs for everything I make. Same goes for any animal product I use (organic when possible but grass fed for sure).

The real hero of this dish is the smoked bacon from The Free Range Butcher. It adds a depth of flavour and really creates that savoury taste I crave in the mornings. Yes, nitrate-free bacon is better for you (which they stock as well) but this is still pasture fed and good quality product. I also love sweet potatoes for a bunch of reasons. Firstly, they are delicious. They also contain a variety of nutrients like vitamins A & C, potassium, and fibre. They are slower to digest and the carbohydrates from them will provide energy to kickstart your day but are balanced with the protein from the eggs and bacon.

I like to make a big batch of this at the beginning of the week and have it in the mornings that I am up too early to make anything to eat. It is delicious both hot (toasted in a sandwich press), or cold as a pre or post-exercise snack. Add some greens and avocado and make it a meal or just have a slice here and there throughout your day.


1 Large Sweet Potato
1 Med Zucchini
6-8 Eggs (preferably organic, free range)
1 Pack Free Range Butcher Smoked Bacon
2 Tbs Pesto (optional)


Slice sweet potato lengthwise into flat pieces about 2cm thick, drizzle with a bit of olive oil and bake until soft. Meanwhile cut the bacon into rough pieces trimming off excess fat as you go.

Pan fry the bacon until cooked (I like mine a bit crispy).

Using a peeler thinly slice the zucchini into long strips.

To bake, I use a silicon bread pan but you could also use a similar sized pan lined with baking paper (obviously the bigger the pan the more ingredients you will need).

Alternate layers of the cooked sweet potato, zucchini, and smoked bacon adding in dollops of pesto as you go.

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