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She’s a girl with a big warm heart and a killer cut back and the brightest of personalities. 19 year-old Brooke Mason fairs from Taroona in Hobart which is in Tasmania, off the southern part of Australia and it’s pretty damn cold in the water. Although she 40 minutes drive from the closest wave, surfing is the fire in her belly and her deep passion. You can hear it in her voice, she’s dead-set hooked and she’s pretty good too.

Brooke’s was part of latest camp with Surfing Tasmania for their top groms and shares her story of growing up surfing in the closest place to Antarctica and a campaign she’s launching next week to promote positive body image for girls called FRESH FACED FRIDAY. Check out her short clip to find about how you and your friends can get involved and have a smile.

Brooke is supported by Red Herring Surf, Matunas Surf Wax  and Balin Hardware. (Top image by Jack Pitt Photography)

brooke mason

I got right into surfing about three years ago but could only go once a week until this year because it was too far to drive whilst I was studying at university so I never got to the coast! I’m having a gap year this year and have been road tripping up the east coast of Australia for the last three months. It’s been great for my surfing and I’ve learnt how to cook (a bit) too!

Surfing Tasmania put on a surf camp in July run by Lukey Bugg a local ripper from Clifton Beach which is near Hobart and where I normally surf. My friend Zoe Grey and I planned to trip up to Scamander on the east coast of Tassie that morning at 5 o’clock we packed the car and were set to go tear apart some waves. The camp was for selected under 21s in Tassie and Zoe and I were the only girls. It was held at the river mouth in super fun 2-3ft peaks. It was crazy how much warmer it is up there and we only needed to wear our booties and didn’t even need a hood even though it’s mid winter – Bliss, no lingering brain freezes!

brooke mason

The crew spent time watching the footage of the mornings session while Buggy analysed it. I was soaking up advice left, right and centre from everyone’s waves. Buggy taught me to take each section bit by bit and not get really excited at the start and be like I’m going to do a floater then five snaps then a big reo to finish. Instead focus on each individual turn and do fewer really powerful manoeuvres!

In Tasmania I usually surf at south arm a whole load of beaches near hobart that could pump I reckon if we had an artificial reef or breakwall made but my favourite is wedge a perfect a frame barrel on it’s day. Bruny island is also one of my favourite waves and the east coast can pump and has the most beautiful beaches. I swear it’s always pumping somehow here on the island but you have to drive a few hours haha usually a full mission and walk in! But that is what makes you feel alive!

When I was little I was in Nippers (Surf Life Saving) and this was my introduction into surfing – surf lessons were only ten dollars with this great guy called Bruce. I always liked doing male dominated sports and was sick of coming last in the swims and I loved the way the foamie kept me alive out there. But man I got so cold in the waters of Tassie that are between 5-10 degrees Celsius on a good day… I couldn’t last ten minutes one winter and it was so far to drive. I used to play soccer too and for a while wanted to be a pro at that but in the end I realized surf training is way more fun and it’s like game day all the time!

brooke mason

There are precious few gurfers in Tasmania but the few of us all stick together! Mother gurfer is Jo goldfinch who is the veteran and all us groms can’t help but respect her. I love surfing with Zoe Grey and Lizzie Stokely, they are also my biggest competition so we all push each other. Sadly we all live on separate thirds of the island but that makes our surf sessions even more intense.  One of Lizzie and my career highlights was competing with our club at the Australian Boardriders Battle in 2013, we got to meet all our surf heroes and surf with them!

I’m so driven by surfing and the feeling it gives me, I’m also passionate about girls being respected as surfers and not on how they look. In my eyes surfing is an epic outlet for young girls to give them confidence, positive self image and passion which has what has lead me to launch FRESH FACED FRIDAY starting next Friday 5th September – Get onboard >>> Check out the clip.

Check out Brooke’s surfing adventures on INSTAGRAM @brookeeffiemason




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