New York Women's Surf Film Festival

EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: A Can’t Miss Weekend Of Events For Any New York Area Surfer

The 6th Annual New York Women’s Surf Film Festival In Montauk, NY

August 3-5 The Montauk Beach House

A dream come true – a whole weekend of women’s surfing related events in the beautiful coastal town of Montauk, NY. A few hours from NYC, The New York Women’s Surf Film Festival will feature surf films, artwork, and an all around weekend celebration of women’s surfing with guest filmmakers and surfers.

Lava Girl Surf and LUNA are proud to present the 6th annual NY Women’s Surf Film Festival, a free, two night outdoor event, held over two weekends in New York’s landmark surf communities, Rockaway Beach, Queens and Montauk, Long Island.

The festival will showcase diverse styles of story-telling, from established and emerging directors, producers and filmmakers. This year, stories span the globe and feature films come from the United States, France, Australia, Norway, Mexico, Bangladesh, Indonesia and the Dominican Republic. For the sixth annual festival, the selections attempt to highlight the inspiring lives of female surfers, their unique journeys, passions and their connection to the ocean.

This past weekend, the first part of the festival took place in Rockaway Beach, NY. Along with the films, Cyan Lull, a photography exhibit by the surf and lifestyle photographer, Luki Keefe decorated the walls of the venue. The Californian was onsite during the festival, her work focuses on the quiet, powerful, feminine, moments in surfing. Using a variety of film and digital cameras, she brings a modernized retro feeling to each image.

Starting Friday, the second weekend of the festival will begin in Montauk, NY. Hemispheres, a photography exhibit by acclaimed surf photographer, Fiona Mullen exhibiting in Montauk at the Montauk Beach House, will take place on August 3, 2018. The New Jersey artist will be onsite during the festival; her exhibit will showcase women’s surfing from the coldest winter days in the North East to the tropical warmth of the Indian Ocean.

The following night, August 4 will be the film premiers – starting at 7pm.

The Films:

  • Surfing to Cope by Katie Walsh, is an independent film about Kauai’s Brianna Cope as the 23-year-old Hawaiian attempts to make the world tour while coming to terms with a physical challenge that has shaped her life.
  • XO Coco Ho by Alek Parker, is a colorful story of female surfer Coco Ho from Oahu’s North Shore and learn how she got started surfing, her rich family history in surfing, ups and downs on the Championship Tour, and everything in between.
  • Sameseas by Leah Dawson, this short film is about the Mariposa Foundation that works to eliminate generational poverty. It is here that young girls become young women, by learning skills, cherishing education and if they want… surfing. This is the story of when the Changing Tides Foundation met the Mariposas. Leah Dawson from Hawaii will be onsite in Montauk to share the vision for their films and the challenges they faced during filming.

To learn more about the exact schedule of weekend events, visit their website here.

New York Women's Surf Film Festival New York Women's Surf Film Festival New York Women's Surf Film Festival

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