Ethical Creations: Giving Back to Communities and Changing Attitudes

Do you ever think about the clothes you are wearing and whether the people who made them are really being fairly looked after?

Ethical Creations is has been set up by Anne Fish of Victoria, Australia and works in conjunction with the Choclo Project headed up by Roland Wimbush. The Choclo Project is a brand built on giving back and positively transforming lives of under privileged kids through the sale of consumer products.

What actually is Choclo you ask? It’s a food similar to corn and is the staple food of Peru where the project is flourishing.

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 10.58.06 pmAfter traveling the world with her pro surfer daughter Georgia, for 5 years visiting the Peru and watching the schools get set up for the kids in need Anne wanted to be part of the chain of development. Just knowing that the kids are the direct benefactors of the design and sale of the products is so refreshing. In the poorest areas there is support to enable them to receive education and care and it’s all run by volunteers as part of the Choclo Project.

The main focus of the project is on people receiving fair wages and the support they receive from working. The Choclo Project designs and creates a range of ‘active wear‘ that is suitable for any physical activities or casual lifestyling. The garments are made in Peru and the cotton is certified organic cotton and feels so lush on your skin, they breathe and move like nothing you’ve ever worn. The best part is that Roland involves the kids he’s been supporting and has them integrated into the design process to give them skills and values to enable them to go on and be employable. The kids designs are even seen in the garments (see photo). 5% of profits go straight back into the projects he’s working with so every part is of benefit to the community.

“Florita” is a floral pattern realized from the drawings of Milagro School Peru .

You will find them on our next collection, coming very soon… (see the process in action below)

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Anne’s goal is to establish ad the Australian distributor for Choclo Project and give back to local indigenous communities with the motivation that “You can’t survive in a community without community support. By purchasing the ridiculously comfortable active wear items you are supporting so much more than just a charity project…” and it’s not just as a gimmick… “You’re supporting ethical employment and knowing what goes into the product, it’s a reality that’s unknown these days.”

“I love wearing clothes and accessories that truly mean something, knowing it’s part of something bigger.” Says Anne… “Hardly any clothing is made in Australia so it’s just great to know that these products are made honestly and for a good cause” They really are making a difference in ethical employment and community development..

Anne visits the Choclo Project in Africa

Anne visits the Choclo Project in Africa

In Australia the communities Ethical Creations aim to support are local indigenous people who require direct support to assist with education and family care. Anne says “At the end of the day we want to be giving a majority of the income from the clothing sales to the charity or project we are choose to support knowing they will be assisted in a similar way to how the Choclo Project is reforming communities in Peru.”

Unlike a charity asking for money, the basis of Ethical Creations is that “if you like the products, you can wear them knowing there’s a lot more value in supporting small business’s that are trying to do the right thing and giving back to the community that supports it.” Anne Says, “You can’t survive in a community without community support. People will be supporting an increase in ethical employment and knowing what goes into the products they love.”

The pants they are the most comfortable you’ll ever wear. They’re great just to have on, to do yoga or Pilates in, or just as a comfortable dress-down option. “You can’t beat it” says Anne “The cotton items are 95% certified cotton with 5% elastine for the give – The fabrics are top quality.”

“The thing that drew me to it is that I don’t like wearing synthetics. I like cotton because it breathes and is comfortable guaranteed. After I started wearing that the cottons I struggled to go back to the synthetics like recycled polyester. In the new range there are some environmental polyester mixes to allow for extra give and greater flexibility.”

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Today we need your help to finance a trip to help the abandoned and homeless children of Misión México. Choclos goal for this trip is: to use art to transform the lives of children in need. By nourishing their creative skills, teaching them new artistic techniques and giving value to their work we will present art as a means to improving their situation, by providing them with an education. Aside from building their confidence and self-esteem through art we will also encourage their creativity and self-expression through surfing, skateboarding and yoga. These activities are not only vital in teaching them life skills but also improving their health and well-being. During these sessions they will be able to forget their past and simply enjoy the moment. CLICK HERE TO DONATE 

Georgia Fish reenergises at Dawn in her Choclo Project Active Wear

Georgia Fish reenergises at Dawn in her Choclo Project Active Wear


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