Erin Dark Wins Wild Card into ASP World Longboard Championships

GoPro ASP World Longboard Championships 

It’s just one week until the start of the ASP World Longboard Championships December 5 – 12 at the lefthand poinbreak Riyue Bay, Hainan Island, China.  Will we see the stylish Kelia Moniz win another title? Will Australia’s Chelsea Williams win her first? Or will the underdog Erin Dark sweep the field with her wild card entry into the event after winning the ASP 2 star event in Western Australia earlier this year?

She’s 20 years olds and has been cruising through a number of events in 2014 as she worked towards the chance of securing a spot in the World Championships knocking over long-time surfers and young guns with her natural ability.

Erin received her wild card entry 2 weeks ago and is about to pack her bags for the opportunity of a lifetime. The left hand point break can work and turn on a great wave. Unlike Erin’s home breaks which are predominantly right handers it will be a test skill for her make the most of the conditions dealt during the event.

Photo by Helen Dark

Photo: Helen Dark

There are many girls who will be competing as veterans but for Erin this is her maiden World Championships and she can’t wait to experience the Chinese culture, people and surroundings. Erin says “I’m really excited about meeting new people and hanging out with the girls in the comp that are as passionate about surfing as myself is always fun. And I cant wait to surf against the best in the world.”

You’ve been on a bit of a role this year after winning the Avalon Cup what have you been working on leading up to the World Champs? Anything you think will score you big points? For the past two years I have been on the Gold Coast surfing rights and working on my roundhouse cutback. I only found out on the 13Th November that I have been given a wild card into the 2014 World Longboard Titles which was very exciting news as this has been a dream of mine since starting surfing at the age of 10. It’s a left hand point break over there so I am working on my noseriding and surfing leading up to China.

Chelsea is hanging out for her first World Title, do you think you can get in the way of that? I would love to see Chelsea win the title, she is an inspirational surfer and I really look up to her but I do believe any of the girls could get in her way. The level of women’s surfing is only getting higher. Ultimately it would mean the world to me to win a World Title and it is a goal I have set, so I will defiantly be giving it my all.

What boards do you take with you? I am taking two 9’1 Surftech high performance boards. One is a Pearson Arrow, which will be more suited to the smaller conditions and my other is a Tolhurst HiHp in Surftech TLPC. It is a lot looser, lighter and will most likely be my board of choice as it is a good al rounder.

As for her cheer squad she’s keeping it modest for her first year with her mum coming along for support and encouragement. “She has always been super supportive and I love having her with me at comps.” She says.

In 2015 we can certainly expect to see Erin making a name for herself around Australia and world wide.

Erin is proudly supported by Surftech Surfboards and Stickit Wax


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Erin Dark from Chris Venning on Vimeo.

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Photo: Helen Dark

Photo: Helen Dark

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