Emma Roby Wins Jeff Wilcox Memorial

Congratulations to all the women who competed in some of the most amazing and perfect waves as part of the Jeff Wilcox Memorial Bodyboard Competition over the weekend. The event was held at Pacific Palms and Bluey’s Beach which held it’s banks to produce some world class waves for the countries best female bodyboarders. World Tour rider Emma Cobb and former pros France Hazar and Mandy Zieren were all enjoying the event and the barrels and good company on the beach.

Event Director Aaron Dodds said “We were blessed with incredible waves this year, we couldn’t have asked for better.”

Recent Australian Titles Junior Sam Gillett said “It was probably one of the best comps I’ve been to with good vibes and it was great to see so many women competing with 11 of us in total! Was a great experience competing with some of the pro’s as well.”

Thank you for the support of Travel Play Live Magazine and Otterbox for presenting the women’s division and providing prizes for the finalists. Thanks also to Shayne Gillett for the photos.


  1. Emma Roby – Port Macquarie
  2. Emma Cobb – Oak Flats
  3. Mandy Zieren – Avalon
  4. Shauna Gillett – Newcastle
jeff wilcox memorial 2014

Photo by: Shayne Gillett

jeff wilcox memorial 2014

Photo by: Shayne Gillett



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