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Interview by Madi Quinn

Emma Jeffcoat is 19 years old, living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. currently in her second year of a Bachelor of Nursing at the University of Sydney specialising in Emergency and Acute Care. That comes runner up to chasing her dream career in elite Triathlon, racing all over the globe in the WTS, (World Triathlon Series), with her Elite Professional Liscence not far from reach.

When she’s not travelling you’ll find her keeping her days busy in and around the ocean where she find her joy and motivation. Whether it’s during training, swimming, cycling, running or at the gym, the ocean is never too far from her sights. I was lucky enough to catch up with Emma and have her answer a few questions about her love for the ocean and her professional sporting career that comes with it.

What age did you first realise you were ment to enjoy life and sports that revolved around the ocean? I’ve been in or around the water my whole life, mum always said I could swim better than I could walk when I was younger. I joined my local Surf club when I was 6 which meant spending every Sunday down at the beach in the surf. I’ve always loved anything revolving around the ocean, whether that was surfing, swimming, body surfing, ski paddling, Stand Up Paddling, snorkelling or diving with my dad. For me, living in such a awesome place on the Northern beeches where you can pretty much hear the waves calling you all day long, it was hard not to fall in love with the ocean, and all the fun its got to offer.

Emma Jeffcoat Photo: Wayne Behagg Surf Photography

Emma Jeffcoat Photo: Wayne Behagg Surf Photography

You live in an amazing place on Sydney’s northern beaches, do you think this influences your sport/hobbies and passion for the ocean? Yep for sure, like I said, Sydney’s Northern Beaches is just a dream place to live, with so many amazing beaches and surf breaks to choose from and little secret adventure spots to sink into all up the coast. Living in such a killer location I think definitely is what makes me what to spend my days being active and outdoors, exercising and doing what I love.

Growing up you have done a number of sports (water&ocean) and at a high level, can you tell me what these are? Growing up I was a mad water/ ocean lover, doing swimming year round and Surf life saving every summer. I’d do all the carnivals they had to offer, for swimming they certainly didn’t compare to getting to spend your weekends at the beach racing in swim, board, iron woman and ski events all up and down the coast, but still both were fun and got me to state and later national competitions, which I still go to for Surf Life Saving with Dee Why Surf Club. More recently a few years back, I entered our state triathlon event and made the NSW squad for nationals and that’s when my passion for triathlon really took back which has seen me been able to travel loads and represent Australia twice now, coming away with a bronze medal in the junior triathlon event over inLondon in 2013.

Emma Jeffcoat

You’re now spending a little more time on land with your chosen sport of triathlon, I remember you doing one of your first triathlons on a mountain bike… Where are you at with that now? Still on the mountain bike? What does your training schedule look like on an average day? Haha yes, my first ever triathlon I was racing some fast girls, and I turned up with a friends mountain bike, where I didn’t know gears existed and had my feet just in strap in pedals on the bike, never the less I managed to finish up the top and make the nationals. I think to everyones surprise… And from there its just been an upwards learning and growing experience. Definitely not still on the mountain bike, I signed a cycling elite sponsorship with AVANTI Plus Cycles earlier this year which was amazing and now have my own custom racing bike.

On the average day I do anywhere from 2-4 sessions a day depending what phase of training I’m in or whether I may have a race coming up. The swim sessions are generally up at my local pool which an awesome squad of really competitive people, sometimes its mixed up for an ocean swim, my favourite being the Manly to Shelley Beach swim, so much sea life to admire while your going. Cycling is wither on the road with my HPT High Performance Triathlon training group or at home on the rollers, and running either at the track or out on some of the great coastal tracks the Northern Beaches has to offer. And lastly gym work at the Cube Gym which is a ripper set up!

What’s your favourite thing to do when you get some down time? That’s easy, definitely spending time out in the bush with friends riding my horse Cherokee.Other than that surfing, hanging at the beach or napping on my rooftop ocean lookout over Long reef headland have got to be up there.

What’s your Favourite beach? Favourite beach has got to be a tie between my local Surf Club, Dee Why Beach, & this awesome man made beach (if that counts) which I visit each year in the Aussie Winter over in Zurich, Switzerland, it over looks the swiss alps in the middle of the city. It’s Awesome!

Emma Jeffcoat

Your into your surfing and goproing, what’s your favourite adventure? What does your quiver include? Yes, I’m right into that. My favourite adventure has got to be exploring new and sick beach breaks and spots to hang out, rock jump and snorkel, and always having the go pro close by to capture the great party waves with friends and the other mischief. I’m definitely more of a longboard fan, I’ve recently got this new 9’5, which actually came off our wall at home, theres a shot from a fun day surfing it at Dee Why below, its a real old school wooden single fin.

You’ve done a lot of travelling for sport and not for sport, where have you been recently?
Yes, part of the triathlon gig is the travel, recently for that I’ve been over to NZ and the UK & France. And then I’ve just gotten back form another European adventure where we hit up, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium and France, traveling throughout each country. Unfortunately this trip we didn’t hit up any surf breaks but we scouted out the coast wherever we could and if not then river and lakes where on the agenda for some swimming and rock jumping fun.

With all this activity you must have a few people helping you out? Who are your sponsors and your main support crew? My main support crew have got to be my family, there amazing, 100% got my back. For triathlon I’ve got some great sponsors on board helping make my dream possible; AVANTI Plus Cycles, Sydney Sport and Fitness Elite Athlete Program, High Performance Tri, Catfish Designs Swimwear, Warringah Aquatic Centre and ProAV Solutions. And then for surf life saving the crew at Dee Why Surf Live Saving Club along with the help of Deck Bar and Dining, offer endless support and encouragement.

Emma Jeffcoat photo: madi quinn



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